Friday, June 11, 2010

Inusual, Unique, and Unisex

What would be a perfect name for my sisters new born, she is looking for a inusual, unique, and unisex name?

essex So romantic. So melodic. Oh, to be named after the exotic realm of Essex.

Jansen or Janson, Greysen or Greyson, Brysen or Bryson Maiden or Maidon, doesn't matter, all unisex

Joseph I'd definitely want to take Joseph Marie to prom
Adrianna Please welcome your all-star high school quarterback, Adrianna Butch Jones!!
Rhelei (pronounced riley and is unisex) is unisex, but isn't pronounceable
Lorelei (pronounced laura-lie)
Destiny what, no Dustiny?
Rose I'd like you to meet my son: Rose. He goes by "Jim."
Cadei (pronounced Katie) I'm sorry my son Cadei couldn't be here, he's busy hanging himself.
Stephen (pronounced stefan) I believe the name you're looking for is... Stefan.
Dakoda Sorry, Sioux people.
Lakoda Oh man, extra-sorry, Sioux people.

Shayne (girl spelling) Shane(boy) girl spellings: just add a Y!

Alexander is actually a unisex name. NO.

Here are some unique girl names.
Myla (557 were born last year)
Nyla (797 were born last year)
Neveah (6,020 were born last year)
Novalee "unique" for a reason
Americus unique if you think taking a unique name from a major motion picture is unique
America (539 born last year)
Sailor ( I would spell it Say-Lor because it would be like Taylor) I would spell it HOOK-ER because it would be like "Hey Sailor."
McCall nothing says feminine like "named after a sewing pattern company"
Bentin only if your last name is Half.
Harper (1,885 born last year)
Payton (3,623 born last year)
Gemma (531 born last year)
Esmee (You could say it like it sounds Ess-mee or you could say it Ess-May) You could also say it like Kick-mee or you could say it Woe-iss-mee
Evangeline EVANGELINE how did you get onto this list? are you hurt? trapped? do you need help??

NOW boys!
Samson (236 born last year)
Sabriel omg, i LOVE garth nix!! i want a boy named sabriel and a girl named renesmee because i am like totally into the undead!
Xiaver Five bucks she pronounces this like Xavier
Bansi Is this supposed to be like Banzai? Or, like... Bonsai?
Ballin BALLIN. Yes, lady, please. Name your son Ballin. I beg you. That would be highly inusual.
Bailey OK, I have to agree with you on this one. Bailey is unusual on a boy. 215 boys last year, 3,614 girls last year. Sounds like a recipe for success to me.
Parley As in, yarrrrr cap'n, I be seekin' parley? Or do you think that she meant Parsley, and copied these two from her grocery list?
Paisley This kid would never get his ass kicked. Ever.
Jackopa Short for, uh, Jackalope.
Nathan (11,990 born last year)
Tamerson In case you're worried about having a Wilderson.
Tanner (2,427 born last year)
Tucker (1,595 born last year)
Edmund damn, did you know Edmund is actually not on the top 1000 in the US right now? OK, uniquenamer101, I salute you on this one
Elijah (a mere 12,652 born last year)
Oliver (4,233 born last year - did anyone else notice how the unusual boys' list went from "unpopular for a very good reason" to "wildly popular?" and did anyone else notice how this poster didn't even try for unisex? or... did she?)
LangDetectar>en YahooCerror

with literacy and justice for all

Poster 1: My nephew wants us to name the baby Liberty if it is a girl. I actually kinda like it! But I do not think it goes with Isabelle super well, like Justice or something free-spirited, lol. I still like other names better, but it is fun to play around with ideas. What are your thoughts in Liberty?

Poster 2: What about soem tradional name as a 1st and that as a middle. Since Belles is tradional or to me it is id think something along the same lines would be fitting.

Poster 1: like Liberty more and mroe each day, though I still like some of my traditional A names I posted about before that go wellw ith Belle.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

"Girl names?"

This conversation is surreal:

Sunday, May 10, 2009


America, you have disappointed me again.

Khloe went from #960 in 2006 to #665 in 2007 to EFFING #196 in 2008. One thousand six hundred and eighty-seven girls were named Khloe in 2008 in our fair country.

Pretty impressive for a name that sounds exactly like you're hockin' a loogie.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heil-py Update?

Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell have apparently been taken into protective custody. Best part of this news story is AGAIN the comments, where a wild debate about free speech is raging. Many people seem to believe that the children were removed from their parents because of their names. Now, the state doesn't have the right to remove children because of their names. Buuuuuut, I'm willing to bet that if you're naming your kids Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation, the state might have their eye on you for other reasons. Just a guess.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

M is for Male - and for Mayday

I like this name because it means so many different things, from a destructive weapon to a cooking spice! It's short, easy to spell, and different without being wacky.

Because it's definitely not wacky to be named after a destructive weapon and a cooking spice.

Name of the Egyptian child-villain from the Japanese anime show 'Yu-gi-oh!' Nice alternative to Mark.

Any name of an Egyptian child-villain is a nice alternative to the day-to-day.

Marley Grayson
just luv these names cos they are very different and posses an ambigendrous quality 2 it. the 1st name also honours the reggae king, Bob Marley! a child with this name wouldn't b scared of anything !

Wouldn't b scared of anything, except maybe of being ambigendrous, which sounds difficult at the very least.

Roman- "Dangerous"

I can't find a lot of evidence for this, but I remain pretty skeptical that "marsala" was the Roman term for "dangerous." Does anyone else get the feeling this guy was thinking of Messala? Now that was a dangerous Roman.

I like it because it is my sons name, and I have never met anyone else with it. It is very unique and also very masculine. Some may say it is a cowboy name, but the preacher said it means child of the meaning is special too. It also means indpendent which I beleive is a good trait as well.

Maverick: independent cowboy of God; hangs out with Goose a lot.

I absolutely loooooove the name Max but it sounded somewhat unfinished alone so I made the name Maxon, but Maxton works well too.

Maxon! Maxoff! Breathe in through nose, out the mouth!

Merrix or Merricks
I made this one up before having my third child. I couldn't sell it to the relatives, so as far as I know, it remains an original, unused name. It sounds like an operating system to me!

Great! Maybe you could sell it to Microsoft instead of the relatives! Or sell it on eBay! Original unused condition!

(Michael) - A very common name for a boy with a very unique spelling for that mom who hates common names but just cant give up on michael for some reason or another

Sorry to say, but it looks like you just gave up on Michael. Or... My-ah-kyehl.

for a boy, he is one of my friends and i thought his name was pretty cool, as i have not heard his name before, he is Siberian/ Yugoslavian.

Serbian, Siberian. They're all the same. It probably snows there. Or something. Anyway, his name was pretty cool.

Another made up name (MEER-ahj...the last syllable rhymes with the last syllable of 'garage')

So... "Mirage." You made up another spelling for "Mirage." That... rhymes with "garage." Well. This one sounds like a winner to me.

It's the name of the first guy I felt in love with. He's a very unique guy and there aren't many men around the world with the same name. In fact, I wanted to know what it means... Anyway, it's a favorite for the simple reason that I will never forget this name, I will never forget what this tall guy with a strange name made me feel. Let me tell you the real definition of Mitermayer: a man who makes others feel various sensations in a short period of time, from huge anger to deep love.

This is indeed an unusual name. So unusual, in fact, that I bet if Mitermayer ever googles himself... he'll end up here. Welcome, Mitermayer! Hope you like the blog! Sorry this relationship didn't work out, but really, it's probably for the best. She's writing about you all over baby name sites on the internet - don't you think that's a bit creepy? It's probably good you let go when you did.

from another favorite book, sounds very clever.

... unless you know some German.

Ok I probably wouldn't give this name to a human but I think it would make a great pet name not to mention a fantasy character in a novel. I heard it used originally for a vampire but I think it goes better with a dragon.

On the contrary. I think Modoc Mitermayer has a great ring to it...

My male dog's name is MORGAN RHYS LLEWELLYN, which is Welsh for "lion-like."

Oh yeah? Well, MY male dog's name is CADFRAWD ARTHFAEL CYNDDYLAN FFLAMDDWYN MYNYDDOG, which is Welsh for "What the eff, why do I have so many names? I'm a freaking dog!"

Morrgann Braiden (MORR-Gann / BRAY-din)
Morgan is a very popular girls name, however, i have always liked it as a boys name. Sounds very brave to me. Braiden is another name I have always found unique and very masueline.

I agree. Just plain "Morgan" is too femueine these days. Morrgann is way more masueline. You can practically HEAR the pirate in Morrgann. Morrrrrrrgann. I put some hair on my chest just saying it.

It's just one of those names that's fun to say and will fit on basically any type of man: alcoholic, saint, young, old, mysterious, open...

Yes, the first association I want with my little baby's name is "alcoholic." You can never be too prepared for the future!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Heil-py Birthday

JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell and Adolf Hitler Campbell.

Good names for a trio of toddlers? Heath and Deborah Campbell think so. The Holland Township couple has picked those names and the oldest child, Adolf Hitler Campbell, turns 3 today.

This has given rise to a problem, because the ShopRite supermarket in Greenwich Township has refused to make a cake for young Adolf's birthday.

Full story here. Best part of the full story is actually the comments, because people are totally outraged that this store wouldn't make a cake for Adolf Hitler. Oh, Pennsylvania.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's Ian a Name?

Whats a different way to spell the name ian?

Poster #1:

Poster #2:

Poster #3:

Most helpful answer as chosen by original poster:

Most helpful answer as chosen by me:

"John, lol....serious"

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Alaska's First Family

Reader Liz brought a serious problem to our attention in the last post's comments. No matter what your politics are, I think we can all agree that Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig Paxson Van could have used a re-think. Particularly the first two and the last one. Particularly because Trig doesn't appear to be any kind of "Nordic" name, as the family claims. There's "Trygg", a Norwegian name which means "safe" or "reliable" - but there's unfortunately no "brave victory." Maybe they should have just been straight with us and confessed it's short for "Trigger." NRA family, you know? Or maybe "Trigonometry?" Palin's probably good with numbers?

Willow? I'll survive. Piper? Not my fave, but hey. But Bristol is a girl. And Track is... a sport. And Trig just really, really, really needs to be good at math in high school. At least algebra. Seriously.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

God bless good old American independence and free thought. I'll be writing this blog for the next sixty years.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

People Who Can't Take a Joke

Oh hey, Anonymous. Sorry you don't have a sense of humor, or a sense of courage. I'm sorry to hear that "karma like me is a real bitch," too. Next time, log into Blogger and run a grammar check. Oh, and figure out the "submit" button so you don't have to post your comment fifteen separate times on four posts. I'd teach you how, but I guess I'm too busy being afraid of having children.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yahoo! Geography

What are some cool names to name your baby after like countries? Israel for example.?

Ohhhhh boy guys. Are you ready for this? It's time for another installment of: Yahoo! Answers Discusses Geography!!

Now, let's get this straight. Israel really kinda started off as a first name. Can we blame this poor modern mother for thinking it's "cool," even if it's for all the wrong reasons?

Wait. Yes, yes we can. Because look what you just started, modern mother:

China, Scotlyn, Italia, Canada, and Romania!

Oooh, Scotlyn, yeah. I was worried "Scotland" would just be too masculine, you know? But stick a -lyn on there, and we're good. Canada's a great possibility too. Nothing says "cool" to an American audience like Canada.

Holland is my favorite of the country names, Holly is always a cute nickname.

Funny, when I tried using that at the customs checkpoint in Holland, they definitely didn't find it cute. Though maybe I went over the line when I called them the "Cute Holly Passy-Checkies." You know how things get in Amsterdam. Anyway.

Israel... That's beautiful! I also like (most of these are feminine, sorry if it's a boy)
just off the top of my head. And there are plenty of beautiful ones that are like tiny countries, or their cicties or capitals, and states of course. Look at a big map. There's lots of little names like
Montana (She'll get a lot of Hannah Montana if you name her this though)
Stuff like that.

Look at a BIG MAP! Why didn't I think of this before!! You're right, it's a GOLD MINE on that big map, with lots of little names for all those cicties and tiny countries. Ooh, yeah, here's one: "Myanmar." Mya for short! That's really cute. "Eritea" - that sounds spunky! "Prishtina" - that's like "Christina," but cooler. Hmm, and "Sarajevo!" Sara for short, naturally. What do you think of the combo "Ramallah Israel"? ... What do you mean that doesn't work? I found them on the big map...

Well there is a girl i have met named Ireland so why not.
-Ireland (girl)
-Israel sounds pretty good (gilr/boy)
-America (girl)
-India (girl)
-Finnie short for Finland (girl)
-Armenia (girl)
-Bolivia (girl)
-Chad (boy)
-Iran (boy)
-London (girl)
-Austria (girl)
-Holly short for Holland (girl)
-Sidney (in australia) for (girl)
-Lucia from Saint Lucia (girl)
-Helena from Saint Helena (girl)
-Rwanda (girl)
-Jordan (boy)
-Libya (girl)
-Tunisia (girl)

I like how this one starts out with "so why not!" and proceeds to list every country on earth, complete with suggested genders. Finland on a girl? Why not! Iran on a boy? Why not! RWANDA?? Oh yeah, Wanda for short. Why not!!! I like her enthusiasm.

Alaska for a girl
Chynna for a girl
Amerika/Emerica for a girl
Zealan (New Zealand, minus the new and the d) for a boy
Irelan (ireland) for a boy

This girl's clearly way ahead of the curve. Why name your kid after a country? The country already has that name - make SURE your kid is unique by RE-spelling the country name. You'll be cool for sure.

The only thing better than geography on Yahoo! Answers? History lessons on Yahoo! Answers:

Does any one no what makaveli means and do u thnk it would be weird to name a boy this?

makaveli was a person (dont know where from) that faked his death to get to his enemies

I don't think it 'means' anything, not that I can find, anyway. Makaveli was a gangster, or something of the sort, and also the pseudonym of Tupac.

I read somewhere that the name meant "the prince of power". I think it's a cute name.

Best answer?

where am I ??? the twilight zone ????

Sunday, March 09, 2008

"i wonder why..."

Do you notice that no ones naming their babies Dick anymore? i wonder why

Thus began a most illuminating thread on one of my favorite baby-naming boards. It no longer surprises me to find these sorts of inquiries on the internet. The quality of responses, on the other hand, still kind of astonishes me. One stupid person on the internet? Okay. ONLY stupid people on the internet? Increasingly possible. Example:

No one is naming their children "Dick" anymore for the same reason people aren't naming their children Eleanor or Ethel anymore. THE NAMES make the kids seem older than they are not to mention the fact that kids get picked on for having weird names.......

I just think it not in fashion anymmore

I feel it would be heartless to chime in and say, "Well... maybe because it's now a synonym for 'penis?'"

Is Passion a common name?

Lord, I hope not. No responses on this one. Probably a good sign.

Oval and Candle - WDYT of these names for girls?

Ok, now here's one we can all agree on - Oval and Candle are never okay, ever. Right? Right..?

-"Oval is ok but Candle is horrible."
-"Candle's similarity to Kendall (and to Chandler) makes it seem namier. Besides, the concept conjures images of churches and celebrations, which is also vaguely namey. I personally don't like it, but I could call someone Candle without flinching... Oval, on the other hand, is pretty awful IMO."

Sorry, sorry, wait. You guys are making this too hard for yourselves. Look again. It's OVAL. And CANDLE. OVAL AND CANDLE. Try again.

Hi everybody.
I am due in April with twin boys and my husband Matthew and I can not decide on any names. These boys will be our fist kids and we are so exited, but there is a lot of pressure as we can't find any names. We want them to have somewhat unique first names because their middle names will be Matthew and Robert. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Oh, first-time mom. You have already made the number-one mistake of first-time moms: saying that ANY suggestions are welcomed.

Hey there my name is Jolene and i think that for your twin boys the perfect names would be Eamon and Noel. as you can see i have a unique name and im a very unique person and i think these names would be great for yours boys.

Eamon and Noel? Noel will probably get beaten up on the playground, but I guess this could be much worse. I'm a little lost as to how being named Jolene makes you a visibly-unique person, though.

Alas, the responses went typically downhill from here.

my son's name is Payden and is very similar to other names. such as jayden, hayden, payten, grayden, aiden, and so on :D

Um... thanks for sharing? Oh wait, you are suggesting that First-Time Mom use these on twin sons? Jayden and Hayden? Aiden and Grayden? Payden and Payten? I'm sure they'd really appreciate those. Nothing says "I am a twin, yet have my own identity" like rhyming names. Especially when those names will also rhyme with the names of half of their kindergarten class.

How about:
Acheron, Raiden, Taliesin, Caelan, Corrin, Fagan, Evoy, Finlay, Finnegan, Kegan, Nevan, Rogan, Brycen, Anson, Denson, Lucien...

Ooh, Raiden! There's a rhyme we haven't used yet! Raiden and Grayden! I'm a little disturbed that, of these suggestions, there are only two that do not end in N. Taken all together, they kind of sound like related chemical isotopes. I am also a little disturbed that the first suggestion was Acheron. Acheron? Really?

-Truman and Isaac
-Gage and Ty
-Abram and Skandar
-Silas and Nico
-Klaus (pronounced Clow-s) and Alek
-Beau and Orin (Beau and Ori)
-Corbin and Serefinn (Corey and Finn)
-Jeremy and Preston
-Prosper and Zebben (Prosper and Zeb/Ben/Zebben)
My favorites are Truman and Isaac, Gage and Ty, Beau and Orin, Corbin and Serefinn, and Prosper and Zebben. I think twins should have their own names to go with their different personalities.

While I fully agree with her final sentence, this user may need to seriously re-evaluate the merit of her suggestions. These are some of the most disparate twin names ever. As a twin, I am all for individuality. Jeremy and Preston do nicely. But Prosper and Zebben? Are you giving birth to a Pilgrim and an extraterrestrial?

Fortunately, not every response on the internet is a bad one.

Is Poverty a nice name for a girl?

Maybe she'll have a twin you can name Destitute. That'd be twice as charming.

I have been exhorted by you, my dear far-flung readers, to post more frequently. I know I've been very remiss with this charge. But if you find yourself here wishing you had something to read, remember: there are a lot of baby-name boards out there with a lot of stupid responders. Go be a smart one!

Friday, January 04, 2008

The Ms, P.M.

Post-Maddie, that is. I didn't think I'd even be able to look at another M name after that episode. But something just drew me back... it's like a mania... or maybe just a...

(pronounced man-eye-ah) a manaia is a traditional carving of a guardian angel, which usually has a birds head on a fishes body. they sit on your shoulder, and peck you if you do something wrong.

Amazing that you didn't feel that bird pecking as you submitted this name.

Markayla Lakembria
(mar-KAY-la la-KEM-bree-ah) is my favorite baby name. I plan to name my daughter this. Markayla is rooted from her father's name Marquis and Lakembria is actually the name of one of my favorite cousins. It's an unusual and beautiful name and I decided to pass it on.

Too bad you didn't decide to pass on it rather than pass it on.

means someone who is very skilled at something, but I like it as a name.

Something tells me that, if you like Maven as a name, you are probably not a maven.

my grandmother's name is Mavy (rhymes with gravey! he-he).� And her father fought in WWI and was in France and met a young girl named Mavy while my great grandmother was pregnant with her,� and well I'm sure you can figure out the rest!

... he ran off with Mavy and left your great grandmother all alone? Don't just leave us hanging there, Granddaughter Gravy!

it's an old name I think either of arabic, german, or gaelic decent.

This etymological observation is corroborated by the old Gaelic ballad, "Materia Girl."

After Queen Matilda, who attempted to claim the English throne in 1141. It still works as a name after 900 years.

Matilda: it still works. Nothing to get excited over, but eh, it works.

(Mah Tray Sah) I like this name because it is so unusual and still quite feminine. It can be shortened to Matty for wee ones who can't spell, and I also think it would stand the test of time. I also like that you can be sure that there won't be any other Matraca's in her class!

God willing. Please notice the reappearance of Maddie in this comment, cleverly disguised with Ts.

you can call her "Mattie" for short

I bet you can.

I plan to name my daughter (if I have one) Maya Atzlan. I chose Maya because I am deeply interested in Mayan culture and it is not only beautiful but it pays homage to an a personal interest of mine. The middle name, Atzlan (pronounced oughts-lawn), is actually a name that my husband is hell bent on. While we are not sure of the meaning, since we can't find this name anywhere, we do know that it is of Indian (as in Mexican Indian) descent.

Aztlán was the mythical ancestral home of the Aztecs. Maya Aztec is a great name for your daughter. Especially if your last name happens to be Inca.

McKenzie Dycanne
I think the name Kenzie is a great name, but if my daughter didn't like it I wanted her to have a choice, so with McKenzie she does. Now Dycanne is a very unique name. It's pronounced Dick-cane. My grandparents had three boys. If they were ever to have a girl they were going to name it Dycanne. They made this name up by putting my grandpa's name Dick with my grandma's middle name, Anne. They got Dycanne.

Wait, wait, wait. Sorry. Hang on a minute. DICK CANE? After three boys, they were going to name a girl DICK CANE?

Dick-cane makes McKenzie look like a sane choice.

This one brings to mind fresh green grass and wild flowers. And no weird nicknames come to mind.

That's true - why would you burden a kid with a weird nickname when she's already got such a weird name?

Is definaltley my favourite name. Its unusual and creative. If i had a daughter called melody shed be forced into playing as many musical instruments as possible.

Let's hope you have a daughter named Spellcheck instead.

I had a dream in the tenth grade that someone said this name to me. I have never been able to find it anywhere else and do not know what, if anything, it means. But here it is.

I think it means "no tacos the night before the SATs."

Mercury Sappho
i saw Mercury in the boys names and thought it would be much better on a girl. the middle name is from the Greek poet that lived on Lesbos and that reflects my sexual orientation!

Because no kid would ever be mortified to find that they'd been named in accordance with their mom's sexual orientation.

Strange and unusually kinky

You and Mercury's mom should hang out. No wait, maybe not...

(mic - ken- dree- anna) I haven't found a meaning but based on her personality I would say strong and spirited.

That's funny - I would say it's Greek for "matricide-in-training."

This names is sooo beautiful and unique and has MANY meanings. Latin: Seafoam Greek: Seastar Hebrew: the Perfect One. Spanish: Sea Angel or Mermaid. Now how can you not LOVE this name?!? It says, "pretty,talented,strong and bold." all at once. I actually hate to put this up here because I want it to stay unique and unused.

She's right - I have never met another Marissa. Ever! Not like it was in the top 100 in the US for the entire 1990s. Hope it stays unused!

(Mar-lay) Many people say it sounds like a French wine!

Only if you've had a little too much French wine.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Noun Disease, take two

Remember Labyrinth, Blackberry, and Koi? I figured it could be time for a little check-up on our favorite modern hippie namer over at Behind the Name. Truth be told, I cannot figure this poster out. She has such moments of lucidity - Thora, Perdita, Iris, Emma, Jacob, Sidney, Norman, Elisha... And then she apparently gets really, really high. Here is the current list of female names that she considers her "favorite first names for future children":

Anne Marie (Anne Marie?? How did you get in here?)
Antarctica (Glad we've got almost all the A-continents covered by now. Asia must be feeling left-out, though).
Athen (just one Athen. Two Athens would be too much like, oh, I don't know, the capital of Greece, I guess.)
Briar Rose (to be fair, Disney was on her list at one point, so...)
Bindi (tribute to Steve Irwin, or to the decorative forehead dot?)
Caius (on a girl? I bet these guys are pissed.)
Calligraphy (Calligraphy. CALLIGRAPHY.)
Cree (on a child? I bet these guys are pissed.)
Desert (particularly useful if your daughter ends up being a dull, dry sort of person)
Discovery (siblings: Challenger, Endeavour, and Atlantis)
England (I can't decide if this is better or worse than Anglia)
Forest (ooh, perhaps Fawn Forest? Fawn-in-the-Forest?)
Jericho (I would tumble my own walls down if my mom had named me this)
Lily Fern (Ever seen a lily grow on a fern? Or... a fern grow out of a lily? Neither have I.)
Nancy (Nancy?? How did you get in here between Midnight and Oasis??)
River (Rain does have to come before a River, I suppose)
Sawyer (Huckleberry was on her last list. Maybe she just likes Mark Twain?)
Tigerlily (Lily Fern Tigerlily would sure be a great name)
Zaire ("hey, why stop with continents? Former names of colonized countries are really cool too!")

As always, these names are much better in combos. Indigo Bindi? Lily Fern Briar Rose? Tuesday Midnight? In fact, why don't we play a fun image-matching game? I'll give you the picture, and you can guess the combo!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yes, a Desert Oasis!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yup, looks like Christian Salem to me.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

England Calligraphy, anyone? Thanks, Bede, for being so venerable. It's amazing she hasn't put your name on the list, though, you might want to watch out.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Zaire Africa! - though she should probably go by DRC Africa just to keep things cool.

Also: what would happen if Antarctica ever had nieces and nephews? Aunt Antarctica? Reeeeally?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bad, Worse, or THE Worst?

Ever need a second opinion on some of your name combinations, but Yahoo Answers aren't cutting it for you anymore? Fear not - online baby name polls are make it easier than ever to collect the uninformed opinions of your peers!

don’t want a name that is overly common! but need something cute and unique
1. Lilybeth Michelle
2. Lacilyn Michelle
3. Emberly Michelle

I'm disappointed that Sugarrose Michelle and Ponyprincess Michelle did not make this list. I am similarly disappointed that I'm going to have to vote for "Emberly."

which do you like for our daughter?
1. Mylie Annabeth
2. Sucily Louane
3. Brynna McKenna

One commenter proffered, "I love Mylie. Unique and very pretty! I have never heard it before." Thank you, person who has been living under a rock for the past ten years, or ever since Billy Ray Cyrus had his kid.

loooking for a J R boy name.
1. Jackson (jack) Rory
2. Jacolby Rock
3. Jacobi Royce

Jacolby Rock would be the clear winner here, if the parents happened to be a wheel of cheese and a piece of granite.

Which one for a little girl...
1. Macie
2. Zaidee
3. Macyn

I decided that voting on this one would have been a cyn.

which spelling of (zan-dree) looks the best?
1. Zandrie Elyse
2. Zandree Elyse
3. Zandriegh Elyse

I don't know, but I wish there were a "4. Elise" option.

which one for a girl?
1. kensington alexis
2. mackenzie alexis
3. Elizabeth

I voted for Elizabeth. Another commenter felt differently, saying, "kensingto is way to long a name fora child to have to learn to spell n it sounds like a kennedy compound.i love alexiis." I could not have said it better myself.

What do you think?
1. Keshley Avalon
2. Ohara Blythe
3. Tenley Cyan

You really want us to vote between an Arthurian themepark, an Irish boxer, and a Sherwin-Williams paint color?

Which do you prefer?
1. Babylon Rose
2. Amber Rose

Most voted for 2, though some Mesopotamian revivalists probably approve of 1.

I REALLY like the name Raegan for a girl. It is VERY important to me that the middle name has Leigh in it somehow. Which sounds best??
1. Raegan Molleigh
2. Raegan Presleigh
3. Raegan Baileigh

Is this Reagan? Or, like... Ray Gun? If the latter, definitely Presleigh. A girlified Elvis would surely have approved of this powerful alien technology. In your weird alternate universe where "Raegan" is a good idea.

Hi, I made a poll last night about the name Daelyn. Thank you for your comments. I’m glad I realized now that it is too masculine. Anyways, I’m having a little girl, and I still need a creative "D" name. PLEASE help me by commenting on each. Dylana is pronounced DAH-LAW-NAH (kind of like Alana). Thank you so much!!
1. Dylana
2. Daytona
3. Darby

I like how Daytona, of NASCAR fame, is somehow more feminine than Daelyn. Maybe when she says "feminine," she actually means "sickening."

Which first name do you like best? Cambria is pronounced with a long "a," NOT like in Cameron. Also, I want to use Rose as a middle name (I think it is so beautiful), but is it too common at this point? Thank you!
1. Afton Rose
2. Brynlee Rose
3. Cambria Rose

Couldn't bring myself to vote on this one, but someone else did comment: "I like Cambria the best. Cameo is another alternative .... it’s an old Italian girls name." Yeah, that's right - I hear Cameo is Italian for "Don't ascribe this crap to us, you brutta stupida."

My husband wants to name our boy Faxon; I'm on the fence - easy to spell; pronounce and goes well with our last name (my criteria), but I'm still unsure. What do you think of the name Faxon?
1. great name
2. pretty good
3. maybe
4. don't like it much
5. definitely not

I think option 6 should have been "hate it, but I'm one of those new Xerox all-in-one scanners that's making fax machines obsolete."

I like these , my concern is how will they age? the combined meanings of each name set are as follows I name more by meaning then sound, you can mix Azriel Bennett Meaning: Little blessed one,An angel of the Lord Jobe Carsten Meaning: Persecuted follower of Christ Flynn Malik Meaning: The red-haired king. Eloisa Genevieve Meaning: Famous warrior,’A woman of the people’. Anastasia Marie Meaning:She who will rise again Bitter. Azubah Flynn -Meaning:Forsaken Child of the red-haired man. MY OTHER TWO CHILDREN ARE NINA MALLORY 7, UNLUCKY GIRL, AND ZION JUDE 4 SING GOOD PRAISE

I had to go for Anastasia Marie on this one. I mean, who wouldn't want to rise again bitter? Though being a persecuted follower of Christ is sure appealing with Job(e) Carsten. And Azubah Flynn's carrot-top baby-daddy has apparently gone missing, which is something I'm sure you'd always want to remind her of. So many good choices with this one. One thing is for sure, though - ALL of these kids' names probably translate to "unlucky girl or boy," if you catch my drift.

I work with kids, so i would like to us a unique name that i don't hear everyday.

Saibryn Embry
(can't decide if Saibryn is a sort of weapon or a sort of dishsoap...)
Boston Ellisyn
Phoenix Sahara
(did you know that Arizona is actually located in the Sahara? True fact. Hope The Ironic Geography Joke Police come after me for this one.)
Kaclyn Embry (Cacklin'?)
Scarlett (Put out of her misery by escaping with only a first name.)
Declan James
Grayden James
Bridger Michael
Easton Andrew
Brezlin James

I wonder if you can vote on something other than the names? Can I just vote that you have a boy? Your options there are much better.

This name just popped in my head at work and was wondering what other people thought? How does this name sound?
1. Jazzenae
2. Jazenae

This name doesn't sound like Jazzenae or Jazenae. This name sounds like poop.

I am not pregnant yet. I have a daughter named Talya and if we have a son next - it will be Koen. I already find me debating on names if we have a second son. His middle name would probably be Charles after my dad. Which do you like best? or suggest other short, unique names to me...
1. Maxwell
2. Maxson
3. Kylan
4. Kason
5. Jaron
6. Ethaniel
7. Kedric
8. Trevon
9. Ashton
10. Damien

It's going okay until you hit Ethaniel. ETHANIEL? Then Kedric. You don't even have the heart to finish the list and find the decent "Damien" at the end. Kedric? I've lost my will to live.

Riese or Skiler
i like both names and can't decide on one name. i think his middle name will be Robert after my grandfater but if anyone think's of better let me know. i am giving the baby Daniel's last name and thats Coleman. let me know what to do.......

1. Riese
(Rhys, I'm guessing?)
2. Skiler
(a skier who is also a killer?? oh, no, wait, it's Skyler.)
3. Aiden
4. Hunter
5. Kalib
(Caleb, one can only assume).

Fortunately, if you rule out all the names that are either unrecognizable or related to killing, you're left with just one choice - easy voting!

I leave you with this sweet conclusion that needs no commentary:

Praline Cecelia?
I love the name Praline I am just not sure it sounds good with Cecilia. I need some opionions on whether it sounds good or some other first names that would go good with Cecilia. We also have 2 boys Kiefer and Ezwrin so we need another unique name.

Okay, I lied. Maybe it needs just a small comment.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just... no.

A quick note just to introduce Amalgam Justice and Monoxide Devan.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

M&Ms - or, why the whole world is called Maddie

I've previously expressed my distaste for the current popularity of K- names, but I think it's only fair to warn you that I'm rather wary of M- names as well. Don't get me wrong, I love the occasional Miriam or Mireille, or even a Madeleine, provided it's a Madeleine and not a Madalynn. No, my dislike of many M- names today sprouts from the nauseating preponderance of a certain nickname. Observe:

I was never crazy about the name Madison, until I saw it spelled this way in a story written by my friend Kim. I think it looks better with two 'd's. Plus, I love the nickname Maddie.

I know Maddisyn if becoming quite a popular name and thats not usually my style but I Just love this. The best part is that you could call her Maddi for short.

Madeleine - because it's classic and beautiful. The nn Maddie is cute as well.

I am sensing a trend.

Madeline - Great alternative to Madison if you love the nickname Madi!
Madelyn Jo - Nickname: Maddie, that's My sister's name, and it's not as common as Madison.
Madelyn Jayne: This is my absolute favorite name. I love the nick name Maddie.
Madigan - I used to quite like Madison, but when I saw this I just thought how much prettier, more unusual and less masculine it was. Plus I still get to keep my favourite nickname, Maddie!
Madilee - I think this is a wonderful feminine alternative to Madison, I think it's so cute and the same nick-names For Madison would work for this as well, Maddi Maddie, Maddy.
Madison - I really like this name because as trendy as it is, it's so cute sounding and addictive! And also, Maddie is a great nickname.
Madison - Okay, so it's popular..but when we had our Maddy 6 years ago it wasn't. We named her Madison because our son, who was two at the time asked to name her "Medicine", so it has special meaning! That aside, I loved the old fashioned named "Maddy" (Maddie, Mattie) and wanted to put it with a newer name
Madison - My daugher, and she is exactly like the name, pure goodness, sunshine, my polyanna. goes by maddy
Madison - I've loved this name since "Splash" with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah. Plus, it gives the nickname Maddie (or Maddy), which I think is adorable
Madison - I picture an adorable little thing I could call Maddie. Small in stature with a big personality. The way my daughter would surely be.
Madison - This is a very strong and independent sounding name. I also love "Maddie" for short.
Madison Kate - it's just pretty. Can call her Maddie.
Madisyn Faith - I like the nickname Madi for a girl.

Pundits talk about how divided our nation is. Tosh, I say. We can clearly all agree on two things: Maddie should be the name of any girl under 5, and God Bless America.

Fortunately, not all Madison stories turn into blather about what a sweet nickname Maddie is:

Madison Blee
O.K. Blee is supposed to be Lee but thats what was put on her baby shower cake by mistake. I thought it was kinda cute.

I'd take Blee over Maddie any day. WAIT just kidding. What I meant to say is, I'd definitely name my child after a typo in frosting. Cute!

I've never met a child with my favorite name for a girl: Madrigal, a gentle, lilting name, a kind of song popular in the medieval and Renaissance periods. My boyfriend and I are planning our family, and we have decided on "Madrigal Joyeux Rose" for a daughter.

This sounds like a violation of our previously-established "SCA members should not drink while naming" law. Though there is a distinct lack of the word "Wine" in this name. Perhaps Madrigal-Mead Joyeux-Noel Rose?

(May-gin) Magen is cool because it's different and it's my name!

Magen is also cool because it's the German word for "stomach." Cool!

MahKahylah Annaliese Elizabeth
MahKahylah Annaliese is one of my favorite names for a girl because not only is it different, it was a name I used for a story I wrote and i got an A+ on.

I assume you got an A+ because you're one of the few posters who has employed decent punctuation and capitalization. Though it's also possible you go to a Waldorf school.

my favourite composer, and a fantastic girls name.

A fantastic girls' name, especially when you consider the homophonic "mauler" and "maul her."


This is an instance where I am glad the "and sometimes Y" rule has not come into effect.

i love that name for a girl.....i had a boy and named him Mason...but now i wish i would of waited on the name,because now i'm due to have a little girl in july....I think its a great name for a girl!

And a house! En francais!!

I like the name Maitlyn Analie. Maitlyn is just Caitlyn with an M, but it's different and cute. Analie is just a different spelling from Anna and Lee, both family names put together.

Sorry, but all I get out of this name is "mating anally." (I can't imagine what writing that out will do to my Google hits.)

this name im submitting is awesome cus its my name....Majik (M-a-g-i-c) i have hippy parents. i also have 2 brothers whose names are Teeki and Jessen and a sister named Keffin. theres some unusual names for your site.

I can't decide if Magic or Tiki has it worse. Wait, no, it's definitely the girl named Kevin.

this name is adorable in that it is quite unisex and is fun to say because it bounces out of your mouth

That doesn't sound adorable, that actually sounds terrifying.

Makayla Makenzie
this is my daughters name and you might be thinking too many M's but her last name is McCutcheon! and we call her KZ (she spells it Kayzie)for short.

You're right, I was thinking "too many Ms" at first, but now I am definitely thinking "forced sterilization."

it is just a beautiful name for a girl.

Rub your eyes and look again: we have just witnessed the crossing of McKenna and Edna. I can't wait for Makbertha and Makthelma.

(Ma Kennedy) I have never heard anyone else with this name. It is a very beautiful and unusual.

I've heard of Ma Kennedy before, though she also went by Rose Fitzgerald, to be fair.

Makenzie Chablis:
...(sounds rich like a movie star!)

Or maybe just a rich porn star. They're kind of like movie stars.

it is an asian names of my best friend..very exotic

There are no words.

I like Malibu, b/c I am a very beach oriented person, and the name Malibu just screams "I'm like a warm day at the beach!"

Or screams, "I'm named after a cheap liquor!"

It is the name of a musical instrument, but it is also a bright name that rolls off of your tongue.

Actually, I think this is a name that will cut off your tongue - you might be thinking of a mandolin?

(mar-sel) a place in france that sounds very nice.

So close. SO CLOSE.

When I was a junior in high school, there was a girl in my dance class named Margery who was so incredibly beautiful and smart, and she stood out so much from that class of blond cheerleaders. She dyed her hair dark red and her lower lip was peirced in the middle. She had this incredibly soft voice and she was a beautiful dancer. I admired her so much I almost had a crush on her, and I had never questioned my sexuality before! Anyways, the name Margery means perfect femininity to me. (Also my grandmother was named Marge; she died before I was born, but I feel sort of attached to the name.)

"Mommy, how did you choose my name?" "Well, little Margery, it all goes back to my first lesbian experience..."

got this off the movies north and south and thron birds.. lol... thought it was beautiful

LOL I have no idea what you just said. Lol!

This is my grandmother's maiden name. I think it has a soft feminine sound to it.

I am sure John Madden would agree. Or perhaps this comment would madden him?

Unfortunatley was a guest on Ricky Lake, but I like the way it flows.

Unfortunately, it also means "little dog." That flows, don't you think?

not many names have an "ie" in them and i have a gorgeous little friend called madelaine.

It's true, not many names have an 'ie' in them. Not even Madeleine does. But you know what does? Maddie.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Yahoo for Yahoo Answers!

Oh, Yahoo Answers. You can go there for advice on how to fix a leaking hose, or file for bankruptcy - why not have them name your baby as well?

What do you think about naming a baby after a country/city?

my sister is about to have a baby soon.she is not sure about the baby's sex,but she is thinking about naming her baby after a country or city,like brooklyn,china,india,paris.......
what do you think about these kinda names?

I prefer to read "these kinda names" as "these 'kinda-names.'"

As you might expect this question got some truly brilliant responses.

A name has to come from somewhere.............if it is a cute name and happens to be a town, country or city who cares. There are some cute ones to choose from!!!!

Seriously, who cares! I love the names Okinawa, Ypres, and Jonestown - they're cute, so who cares?!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THOSE NAMES if i had a girl it was either gonna be America, India or Asia, lol..

LOL! I bet your son Antarctica is pissed, though.

I love those names. I had a friend in college called Wales. And a friend of our's little boy is named Ireland. I think they are just beautiful.

The countries? Or the children? I'm picturing very verdant, green children right now - maybe a bit too rainy though.

Most baby names topics on Yahoo Answers don't have to work very hard to reveal the education levels of their posters, but geographical name topics? Geographical name topics just GIVE IT AWAY. Nowhere is ignorance of geography more evident than in geographical name suggestions on Yahoo Answers. Cases in point:

I like it. For boy's I like London for girl's Chelsea (it's the city where I live), Dakota, Carolina and Georgia. Also Kenya, Nairobi (my niece's name) and Zaire (cities from Africa) are cute girl's names

Zaire - ("in case you didn't know, it's a city from Africa").

I think its a great idea, if I have a daughter I would love to call her Swansea, cos she would be my little Swan floating on a calm sea

Clearly, an individual who has never been to Swansea.

My little sister's name is Chynna. I think naming a baby after anything is okay as long as it's something that is close to you.

Because China is really close to you. I can clearly tell that you come from somewhere like Korea or Mongolia - those are close to China. Come to think of it, I don't think anyone is close to "Chynna," seeing as it doesn't exist.

The best responses on these topics, however, are the laundry-list suggestions. It's like people pull out Maxim's "100 HOTTEST CLUBBING CITIES" list and just go for it.

Ooh! Those are such beautiful, unique, spicy names! (Spicy?)
for girls:
California (Cali for short maybe)
(no name more feminine than Chicago)
(oh, what, Tina for short?)
Angelos (Angie for short)
(I think this is why God invented the name Angela)
Brooklyn (Brook)
(a female Indiana would never be teased about a certain Hollywood archaeologist. Never)
Quebec (Becca) (oh no - no, you just didn't)
Lynn (Lynn is definitely a "spicy" name)

Boy's names:
(Tacky for short??)
Rome or Roman (Either/or. I'm pretty sure Roman is a city name, right?)
Japan (JAPAN?)
(good to know that Quebec is a unisex name)
(another real "spicy" name)

Other "city-name" questions on Yahoo solicited even better lists.

How about
for a boy

Cork - for a boy. It would be ridiculous to use Cork on a girl, but for a boy - now we're talking. Kiev's pretty great, too. Especially if you had chicken cravings during your pregnancy.

One of my favorites was posted as an answer to "City Girl Names" under the title "All (pretty) real names that are US cities". Check out how pretty these names are. Keep in mind, these are all suggestions for a girl.

Ava, Beckley, Brenham, Camden, Carlyle, Cheyenne, Clovis, Dexter, Enid, Florence, Geneva, Heppner, Holland, Hoxie , Idabelle, Keene, Killeen, Marion, Moline, Monroe, Muncie, Odessa, Olean, Olympia, Ramona, Redding, Roswell, Sidney, Valentine, Winnfield

Oh good. So we've got Ava, Olympia, Ramona... and an odd collection of what reads like the ladies' canasta committee and towns that contain contenders for America's Largest Ball o' String. Plus Roswell. Roswell is a pretty name for a girl if ever I heard one. Unless you count Dexter or Clovis. Thanks, Yahoo Answers!

I think one poster summed up my feelings on place names best.

I mean, Slash from Guns N Roses has a son called London!! he was concieved there. Good job it wasnt a airplane toilet!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cari for short..?

My friend wants to name her baby Caribou. I think it reminds me of an animal, maybe cute for a nickname. But what about a teenage or a senior citizen, in other words her entire life. What do others moms to be think?

I think it reminds me of an animal. Maybe cute for a nickname!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Back... for good?

I apologize, my dear readers, for my repeated extended hiatuses. Hiatii? As many of you know, I graduated last May and have been looking for life ever since. I recently got a fabulous job with a fabulous company, and have been working hard to learn all the new things that go along with new fabulous jobs... BUT this is not the reason for my absence.

The sad truth is, readers... that Godot has died. My trusty computer of five years. The keeper of all of my bad baby name links. Folders upon folders of them. A true tragedy. It's strange, suddenly being without those links. They were a gold mine. I am somewhat lost now, trying to pick up the trail of the bad names of the world. It was therefore with great joy that I discovered, quite by accident, some of the most ignorant comments on names known to man. No, I am not talking about NameNerds, though that's a fair guess. I actually found these on one of the most respectable name sites to date. I'm all for including user comments... but sometimes, there just needs to be a law.

A particular user on this particular site has managed to single-handedly confirm all my biases and prejudices about modern American youth. Her comments start out innocent enough:

ADELAIDE: This name sounds like lemonaid!

HEATHER: This name reminds me of a feather.

INNOCENT: This would be an awkward name for a person in court.

Cute. Light-hearted. Even witty, perhaps? Alas. It was not to be.

KEISHA: This name only looks right on girls with darker-colored skin.

Do people seriously say stuff like this in public? I like the euphemism of "darker-colored skin." "Oh no, I'm not saying Keisha is a black name. I'm just saying it doesn't work on white people."

ANJA: I love this name. But, I would rather pronounce it like it is spelled. (AN-JUH) Wouldn't you?

Not really, if I were Scandinavian. Like Anja is.

AISLING: It would be a better name if it was pronounced AYS-LIN. Aislin doesn't even have a G! Where does the ING sound come from?

From Ireland, believe it or not.

ZOE: The pronunciation of this name doesn't make any sense without the Y. ZOE looks like it is pronounced like ZOH. I prefer Zoey.

STUPID GREEKS, with your diaresis. You don't make ANY SENSE.

KALI: This name is NOT pronounced how it's spelled! It would be nice to say it like Kallie, rhyming with Hallie and Allie.

STUPID HINDUS, with your stupid goddess names! This name is NOT pronounced properly!

ALLEGRA: This name reminds me of algebra.

I am guessing that not much else in the world makes her think about algebra.

Nearly every comment she makes are comments like these. I figured it had to stop at some point. But that was before she suddenly veered into etymology:

AMAYA: I love this name! If you take off the A at the very beginning, and the A at the very end, it spells May. This would be a great name for someone who was born in the month of May.

YUMI: I think this name should mean "together" because the name is YUMI. Like, YOU and ME. YUMI.

BEAU: I believe this name means "BEAUTFUL" because if you add TIFUL to BEAU you get BEAUTIFUL.

So close, and yet, so far.

And it just keeps going.

CEDAR: If you ever have a child and you name it this name, and there is a twin, Sequoia and Aspen are very good names, especially for people who like nature! Cedar, Aspen, and Sequoia all have to do with trees! :-)

If she were four, I would congratulate her on her cleverness. That's right, honey! Those are all trees! I wonder what other twin combos she can come up with...

ALESSA: If you have twins, Alessa and Vanessa would be a good pick.

HOPE: This name is adorable! This would be a great name for a child born in a hurricane. Anyways, Hope and Faithe would be great names as a twin set!

STAR: If you have twins, it would be a great idea to name them Star and Stella. This is because Stella means "star".

A lot of the comments reveal that this girl is not only - um, slightly undereducated - she is also, shall we say... a little trashy? Notice how she is able to relate basically every name to wrestling:

BROOKE: Brooke is a Deal or No Deal game show model. Another Famous bearer is Brooke Hogan the singer who is the daughter of Terry (Hulk) Hogan, the wrestler.

BUFFY: Whoever has this name will eventually be made fun of. This is a horrible name because it makes me think of a wrestler.

PRISSY: This is my friend's name, but her real name id Priscilla. I prefer Priscilla in her case, but it's her choice. Anyways, this is NOT a good name for a wrestler! ;)

Phew, thanks! I was totally just wondering if Prissy would be a good name for my daughter/future-wrestler. Now I know what not to name her!!

The rest of her comments are just... inexplicably... agh.

AMITY: In the movie Jaws, the town that was attacked by the shark was called Amity. It is a very pretty name.

Non-sequitur WHHHAAAAA???

LAMYA: This name makes me think of a llama. A furry creature with big hairy hips. Like a hippo.


CHIRANJEEVI: This name reminds me of Corn. Yummy corn.

Maybe she is high? That would explain all of these comments. Plus the munchies.

CLOVER: This would be an awesome name for someone who was born on St. Patrick's Day!

No. Just no. A leprechaun's coming to kick your ass right now.

COOPER: On a video game, a character's name is Sly Cooper, and Cooper is the last name. If you ask me, I would use this name as a middle name because your child will be made fun of if this is his first name. I know this because COOPER RHYMES WITH POOPER.


GISELLE: Isn't this the name of a workout video?

Or a world-famous ballet. But yeah, that's kind of like a workout video.

DOT: This is a good name for a girl with zits.

All those zitty babies.

KIN: Doesn't this name mean "FAMILY" in Chinese?

I don't know... but it does mean "FAMILY" in English!

PARIDE: This name is spelled like parade. Parades are fun except the dancing part. Not really.

Yeah. Paride is spelled just like "parade." And maybe the dancing part would be more fun if you had the Giselle workout video?

PEONY: I like the spelling, but the pronunciation is just horrible! I reminds me of someone peeing down their knee! But, peony is a scent from BATH AND BODY WORKS, and it smells SO GOOD! I have it on right now!

I love the transition between peeing-down-your-knee and a Bath and Body Works scent. "I have it on right now!" Does she mean pee? Or lotion? Or... both?

SARAHJEANNE: Leave this name for the hobos.

Or maybe the wrestlers.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Girls' names! Brought to you by the letter L and the word LOL

Lady Madeleine: because Lady sounds regal and elegant, vivacious and artistic.

And like a British noble title. Amazing!

(for a girl, boy, or intersex child) it's really important to me to name my kids things that don't perpetuate gender stereotypes. i like Lake because it's a natural name for something that's gender-free.

Finally! I was looking for the perfect thing to name my intersex child! Not an actual unisex name, no. A geographical feature! Also, isn't it lucky that this person speaks one of the few Western languages that doesn't have gendered articles? A quick sweep of those others reveals that lakes are usually masculine. Sorry, intersex child!

means chatterbox in Greek, very gentle and melodious

While I am impressed that you apparently know the Greek word for "chatterbox," I am somewhat disturbed that you would wish such a thing upon yourself.

I like Lara for the simple reason that it's Lara Croft's name. It carries the image of a stong, indepedent woman.

A strong, indepedent woman with giant, giant jugs.

Laramie Rubriah
This name is belongs to friend of mine. I have always thought it was one of the loveliest I've ever heard. From what she has told me, Laramie is usually a boys name (more popular in places like Wyoming and Montana) and Rubriah is an old family name.

I am guessing that Laramie is actually not very popular in Wyoming. Kind of like how Brooklynn isn't so popular in, say, Brooklyn. Also, does Rubriah not sound like a communicable disease?

Chris Cagle sings a country song called "Laredo" and it is also a famous city in Texas. If you have a simple last name, I think Laredo works well because it's unique but not stupid sounding.

There's definitely nothing stupid-sounding about being named after a Chris Cagle song.

My favorite name of all time is..the ancient Irish Gaelic Lasairfhiona (la'sa'REEna), meaning "Flame Wine" or "Flaming Wine"..for several reasons. When I joined the SCA a year or so ago, I knew my persona would be Irish (I'm half Irish, half Danish - The Viking's revenge!), and I burrowed away on obscure websites looking for something that...felt right. It also had to fit both my personality and have a meaning I liked. I came across the name Lasairfhiona in the Annals of Connacht - a harrowing chronicle of murder, revenge, and feuds that leave the Sicilian Mafia standing...and did my homework..(I study Gaelic - ancient and modern in my spare time). Of course, it helps being a redhead...:-D Too bad I found it too late to give the name to my daughter...

No, no, no. The fact that it was too late to give the name Lasairfhiona to your daughter is clearly proof that there is a God.

(Also, many entries ago, didn't we have someone else from the SCA recommending Brandywine as a girls' name? When will these people finally have their wine taken away from them? NO DRINKING WHILE NAMING. IT'S THE LAW.)

Laura-Ashley Elizabeth
Its a name I wish I were named instead of Ashley Elizabeth...It's really pretty and just sounds classy!

I want to go pick out floral bedspreads right now!!

This name has always sounded beutiful to me, I can't really place where or when I started liking it.

Probably right after you failed a third grade spelling test, would be my guess.

I'm not quite sure if it's spelled exactly like that, but it's simalar. she too is a character in a book series. I like the longer variation of Lauren or Laurana. It sounds elegant.

It sounds like prescription medication to me. Maybe for osteoporosis? Also, if you can't spell "simalar," you might want to reconsider using an invented name with twelve letters in it. Just an idea.

I want to submit my own name as a favorite! I have know two other Laureen's in my life, but it is not common and never seems listed on any baby name websites! My sisters are Maureen and Kathleen and my Mother pretty much made it up with a L instead of M in Maureen.

Maureen AND Laureen? Laureen, congratulations on not murdering your mother while she slept.

Lauren Elise
Laura was my aunt's name who was accidently run over by her great-aunt. I wanted to honor her and use her name, but haven't like Laura. I'm a piano player, thence, Elise from "Fur Elise"

"Mom? How did I get my name?" "Well, dear, I had this aunt who was accidentally run over by her great-aunt..."

pronounced the same as league. I like this name because it's different. It's my middle name and I've never met anyone else with it.

New feature-length film idea for the Bad Baby Names Blog: TWO THOUSAND LEIGUES UNDER THE SEA!!!

Leila Vega Kione
Leila means 'dark, beautiful,' Vega means 'falling star,' and Kione means 'one who comes from nowhere.' All together, the name means 'beautiful, dark star falling from nowhere.' I think it's just a gorgeous and mysterious sounding name, without being too out there.

Why not just name her "Meteorite?" Way simpler, way more to the point.

Lennon (girl)
I love the name Lennon for a girl. It makes me think of the wonderful John Lennon. It's a unique name, and for a nickname you could be called Len (pronounced like Lynne).

Maybe if you're from the bowels of the deep American South and can't tell the difference between "pen" and "pin." If you are from planet Earth, however, you might recognize that Len and Lynne have two different sounds. But then, you also think Lennon is nice on a girl, so maybe you are not from planet Earth. Sorry, spaceling!

(lay-NWAHR) I was looking for a good name for a female Goth to use in a story and thought of Lenore. But when I asked for opinions, someone made a typo and spelled it Lenoire. I decided I liked it even better! Le noir is translated "The night" in French, I just liked it better with the extra E, hence Lenoire.

Actually, this is akin to naming someone "Blackie." Only with incorrect articles. Perhaps you were looking for "Lesoir"? What was so wrong with Lenore, anyway?

Lexus Bleue
strong, confident name with the needed edge of femininity. goes well with the middle name Bleue.

With a 288 horsepower V8 engine and variable valve timing, the Lexus Bleue also comes with a 50,000 mile warranty. Stop by your Lexus dealer today!

A lot of 'l's and 'i's, but it has such a pretty sound (it's a combination of Lilith and Lani)

Hope Lilithlani doesn't have a speech impediment. Wiwiphwani just wouldn't have that "pretty sound."

well.. if i have another girl this will be her name... thought it was differant

WAW, I thought it was differant too! I dan't know whay that wauld be.

Lilyth Eve
I like the name Lilyth in the historical context of her being Adam's first wife and I think it would be interesting to use it combined with the traditional "wifey" Eve. I also prefer to change the spellings of names which is why I did not use the standard Lillith here. And for the record, this is my cactus's name (without the middle name though).

I am hoping Eve is her apple tree.

Ignore the nasty character that had this name in a science fiction show. I love the sound of it regardless. That's got to count for something, doesn't it?

I can try to ignore the nasty character that has this name in a science fiction show, but I can't seem to drown out the nasty sound this name makes. I can't even decide how someone came up with this name. Linda + Destiny? Lily + Modesty? Linda + Nasty??

Logan Bay Mackenzie
This name comes from a series of short stories I have wrote. This name could be used for either a boy or a girl. To me it means, "Child born from the sea"

That's funny. To me, it means "little hollow bay son of Coinneach." And by "me," I mean "etymology."

The name Londynn is such a beautiful name for a girl. London is my favorite city, and I love names of towns for children. The spelling with a "y" makes the name for feminine. It's also very unique as I have never met anyone with this name.

You are clearly not frequenting enough strip bars.

knew it from childhood, very different from Laura, Lorna, or Lara. The name of a Native American woman. It has a lure to it, don't you think?

You might even say it has a lurrah to it.

Lyrica Hayley
This was going to be my daughter's name untill she established herself as definately NOT fluffy during labor! This is a very beautiful Girly name.

I don't know that many babies DO establish themselves as "fluffy" during labor. My understanding is that they usually establish themselves as "painful large objects protruding from your hoo-hoo." That said, I don't see that Lyrica Hayley is a very fluffy name. It sounds sort of like an 80s dominatrix name to me.

And finally, there are no words:

Was playing around with words. This name came from Lazy. Love the end result, kind of an upbeat Lizzie.

Liberty Belle
Just beautiful!! I saw a fashion spread by this title and fell in love with it. Libby is a cute name for a little girl but Liberty is a more mature sounding name that is still very pretty.

I will name my first daughter after Lucrezia Borgia. I love the sound of it (Lew-cray-see-uh) as well as the history behind it.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Plz don't kidnap azn babies

Do you want your child to be A'zyian? Or merely Beasiatic?

Please note that one of Beasiatic's middle names is Nazi. Here's hoping that's somehow culturally justified.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Saryniti Jacelyn

Miirecal Cy'nthia





Heavan Lee



Sohpie Ann


Friday, November 03, 2006


Telly Kolton and Tattoo Kane.


At least they spelled "Tattoo" correctly..?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I think I just felt my testicles descend

Get ready, internets, for some MANLY MEN.

Meet Gunner, Gunner, Cannon, Gatlin, Cutler, Cutter, Steeler, Charger, Tuff, the gonadorific Saxon Ryker Magnus, and the testosteronetastic Blaze Earnhardt!!!

Please also greet Rowan, Ryan, Drew, Chandler, and Trystan. All girls, of course. And Trystan got the added bonus of having the word "tryst" in her name.

November 2nd - "K" of the Dead!

Kanyon Harley:
Its my sons new baby's name, our first grandson and we have never heard this name before. Canyon with a K because it's strong and forever. Harley because it was his grandfathers name.

I just decided I'm going to get married in a Kanyon. And ride off on a Harley. Also, I've decided to ask my boyfriend to propose with a kiamond ring. It's strong and forever!

it's the name of a hot guy I work with

This could get awkward.

Kayson: "Mom, how did you pick my name?"
Mom: "Oh, it was the name of a hot guy I worked with."
Kayson: "Um... my dad?"
Mom: "Um..."

Not all bad-baby-namers are stupid. They just all lack common sense. Case in point:

I would use the name Keats Emerson for a son because of the description above for Keats, and Emerson because he is the author of "Self-Reliance," a body of work that also had a great impact on my life. I can't quite convince my husband, though, that a child named Keats Emerson Leichsenring would not be beaten to a pulp daily on the playground, but that's my own problem for now.

Hey smarty-pants. Yeah, I see your English degree you've got there. Here's a hint: pull your nose out of transcendentalist philosophy texts before you bear young. Your young will thank you for it. Let them read "Self-Reliance" for themselves, rather than having to learn self-reliance the hard way: having no friends because their parents gave them the snottiest name on the planet.

Keelin (boy)
It's unusual, but not nauseating.

I'm Keelin' over right now, just thinking about it, personally. Also, this is a great standard for names. "Unusual? Check. Not nauseating? Check."

Well I just always thought that this name was the name of a REAL man. Its very unique.

As opposed to those FALSE men, named Henry and William and crap.

This is my baby cousin's name. As far as I know, his parents made it up. I like it because it's highly unusual and he is the only person I've ever met with this name. A nice alternative to Keith.

What happens when you combine two names in the top 300? Creativity, apparently..?

Welsh, but taken from Katherine Kurtz's "Deryni" series. Means "son of the Celt"

Wow, Kelson derives from "Kelt's son," which is Welsh for "son of the Celt?" Pretty amazing, when you consider that the Welsh didn't use the words "Celt" or "son."

my stuffed penguin is named Kelvin.

Um... good for you?

I combine my husband's and my name, KENneth + NANcy =Kennan for our new born boy. Its also the land of milk and honey.

I am hoping you mean that the land of milk and honey is "Caanan," not "what happens when my husband and I combine our names."

I like the boy's name Kennebec. I don't know why. It's a city in South Dakota but I wouldn't mind naming my child that.

I like the boy's name Flushing. I don't know why. It's a city in New York, but I wouldn't mind naming my child that.

Unique, beautiful and great representation of your son. He will never have the same name of anyone in his class.

So unique, it's currently sitting at 662 on the charts.

Just one little change says so much

Namely, "My mom can't spell 'Kevin'."

I am convinced that there is not a Kevin on earth who isn't an extremely cool dude. I bet there are no serial killers, mass murderers nor menaces to society of any kind with the name Kevin. Who doesn't get along well with all the Kevin's they know?

I don't, for one. But more importantly, I don't think I could use the name Kevin... it might be one of those FAKE male names.

This is a surname in my family. Our company is called Kohl Wholesale. I like how it's like Cole, but more unique and German looking.

And more cabbage-looking, too!

A great name. Its kind of a mixture of tyler and Kyle, two name that are too popular for my taste.

Let's see. Kyler currently sits a 282, which constitutes 1,164 boys last year. There were 16,712 Tylers born last year, and 6,590 Kyles, along with 2,747 Skylars, and 2,374 Skylers. What are the odds that Kyler is going to grow up responding to all three of these names more than his own? Good job, name-smushing parent. Good job. If you're going to invent a name, you may as well ensure it doesn't sound like the name of 28, 423 other kids'.

(KEY-O-TO) (Japanese) International environmetnal treaty that will change the world for the better & a nice city too!

I'm a German-American Catholic environmentalist - meet my kids Versailles, Pinckney, Lateran and Kyoto! Also, I apparently can't pronounce Kyoto!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

In honor of the season:

My father spent the evening hanging about a thousand pieces of string in front of our door, to make a spooky entrance for trick-or-treaters next week, so I figure there is no better time than to examine some seriously spooky names. Granted, most names featured on this blog are seriously spooky names, but I think we are long overdue for an updated on... GOTH NAMES!

Yes! Remember Rasputina, Nothing, Calamity and Chlamydia? Let's be serious, who could forget Chlamydia? Well, as the biggest goth night of the year draws closer, let's review some names currently popular on the goth/"goth"/mental scene: has kindly provided us with an entire list appropriate for the season. Included are such gems as:

Banshee - "Screaming Spirit"
Blair - "A Witch Project"
Bloody Mary - "Ghost Legend"
Bones - "Skeletal" (Bones would never get teased in junior high, I bet)
Boo - "Scary"
Chaos - "Extremely Disorganized"
Cyclops - "One-Eyed"
Dementia - "Insanity"
Fang - "Long Tooth" (This one would definitely get bottle-fed)
Hulk - "Scary Superhero"
Malifacent - "Evil Godmother in "Sleeping Beauty"" (Way to spell, Way to spell.)
Reaper - "Very Grim Visitor" (I think this definition is my favorite)
Salem - Witchy Black Cat (Or, you know, that whole witch trials thing. Ooooh, spooky.)
Sasquatch - Bigfoot (definitely wouldn't want a breech birth with Sasquatch)
Scarface - Al Capone's Nickname (only appropriate if they have to use forceps)
Skull - Skinless Head (that's one way to put it, I guess.)
Zombie - Living Dead (every woman wants to give birth to the living dead!!)

On one discussion board, the debate raged on goth names for a truly unfortunate pair of twins:

OP:Ok well, my best friend is having twins, a boy and a girl, and she insist on naming her babies dark, very gothic names. Anyone have any suggestions for first and middle names?

Poster 1: I don't know if these will fit but i like them and i think they have a darkness to them.
Dart (Vader?)
Darwin (must be an intelligent design fan)

(I think this is "Druid." One very illiterate Druid.)
(That's funny, I think of onyx has having a darkness to it, too!)
Lava (Lava. Seriously. SHE JUST SUGGESTED LAVA.)

Poster 2:
-Friday (apparently, Saturday and Sunday just aren't goth enough)

(natural childbirth, perhaps?)


(Duck. DUCK.)
("Where you going?" "Oh, to pick up Stix.")
(I think they should just get it over with and name her "Green Fairy")

Poster 3: Hey isn't "goth" something that is associated with death, queen victoria, the rest of the victorian obsession with death and dying,Esp.with children,and babies,since not many lived. Also-Why are people making this a christian/non subject? Or is "goth" now a pagan thing? I thought it was just a pessimistic thing?

Poster 4: Jesus, get a brain, Gothic subculture is all about expression, unlike the new age yuppies of the world, religion is no subject, and some people t choose to be into the death part, you don't have to be all dark and depressed to be gothic, that' s a complete stereotype.

"Jesus, seriously. Our subculture is all about expression, which is why everyone dresses the same. That's what Gothic is. Get a brain! What? What's a triforium? What? No, I've never read Jane Eyre, why do you ask?"

Poster 5:
the gothic name for a boy is dracula, lusfer ,dhamipr ,crow, wolf
and here some gothic girl names, moon ,darlar , chilmmide, rubella

Ahhh. Chlamydia, there you are. At least, I think that's you. You're next to Rubella, so it's a bit hard to tell.

I have saved the truly terrifying for last. That's right. Namenerds. They've got a goth section. Oh the horror.

Ague - term for Malaria used from the middle ages up until the 20th century. (New sibset idea: Malady, Malaria, Ague and Chlamydia. WDYT???)
Autumn - season where everything dies (I guess that's one way to look at it.)
Avarice - Greed. One of the Seven Deadly Sins
Azazel - Hebrew Bible goat-like demon (Attractive.)
Candelaria - a plant family thought to drive away evil spirits in the middle ages (Note to parents: Do not name a brother and sister Azazel and Candelaria.)
Catafalque - coffin-shaped box covered with a black cloth used in place of a body if one is not available for the funeral. (Were any of you like me, and read "cattle f*ck" at first glance? Great name)
Clove - cigarettes that goths and art students smoke a lot of (at least they're honest. I want to name my kids Phillip Morris and Marlboro Camille, personally).
Cloven - what Satan's hoofs are (also an important distinction in kosher dietary law. Is "Shellfish" a goth name, do you suppose? What about "Pork"...?)
Dies Irae - mass for the dead (Actually, this means "Day of Wrath." Methinks someone has listened to the Requiem one too many times.)
Dystopia - the opposite of Utopia - theoretical place where everything sucks.
Funereal/funerea - put the "fun" in funeral! (You did not just say that.)
Imbolc Celtic festival - corresponds with St. Bridig's day (Feb. 1). Groundhog Day actually stems from this. (Awesome. I always wanted to name a kid after... Groundhog's Day.)
Morbosa/Morbosis - "horny" in latin (Intercoursana Ecstasy too overt for you, but still want to name your kid something SEXY? This one's perfect!) (Unless, of course, it means "horny" like "spiny." In which case, I hope a C-section is in order)
November - cold, crappy month in the northern hemisphere
Orchid - I don't know why, orchids pop up a lot in goth clubs, They're exotic and rare. (NB - "Orchid" is actually the Latin word for "testicle." Nice one, Gawth Mawm. Nice one.)
Pancuronium - a poisonous compound used in lethal injection death sentences.
Penance - what you have to do to make up for your sins (in this case, using any name on this list)