Saturday, April 08, 2006

Breed the Irish Back In!!

Original post January 28, 2006

Okay, has anyone noticed that Irish names are the coolest new kids on the block these days? We got this disgusting post over at Baby Names World yesterday:

Which name for second irish son?

We already have one son named Aiden Kael. He is about to have a brother and we have narrowed it down to two names, but dad isn't being helpful because he is still sore it isn't a girl.

Which one is better?

Cory Liam

Colin Reilly

Okay, so these aren't bad names. But I was intrigued by the "second Irish son." I asked:

I am confused about the second Irish son - are you Irish? Do you have sons that aren't Irish? Or are you adopting from Ireland for the second time?

Her response:

My husband and I are both more than 75% Irish. So, our sons are that much closer to being 100% irish. So, since we are trying to breed the irish back into our blood lines, we thought it would be appropriate to go with completely irish names.

There are no words.


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