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I love the name Gaye what does everyone think of it?

Original post January 17, 2006

Okay, remember how I told you about the woman who wants to name her son Gaye? I am recording the entire conversation to preserve the hilarity for posterity, bolding the particularly educational parts.

A Comedy of Bad Baby Names, in which I am called a stupid pregnant 13 year old,
and other abundant laughs

Forum: Name Reviews (Boys)

OP: I love this name what does everyone think of it?

Poster #1: I dislike the sound of it in general. But the whole homosexual meaning of it, I think, would be picked up by peers and the poor kid would be teased more often than not. Not a good idea, IMO.

Poster #2: I don't like that name at all and always think of it as a girl's name. This is probably because my mom has a friend named Gaye and she is a female.

OP: it would be for a boy not a girl i doubt kids would be so ignorant and say something like that

Poster #1: I'm still in high school and I see stuff like this every day. Something like that would be low grade. Are you considering this for a fn? I think it would make a nicer mn.

OP: for the fn i think it be better maybe so at high school but less middle school

Poster #3: Go for it. You're right, kids wouldn't be so...childish.

Me: Less middle school?? If anything, MORE middle school, and don't forget elementary school too! Little Gaye wouldn't get through the third grade with a scrap of confidence. It would be equivalent to naming him "Fairy Princess" or "Kick Me." I wish that weren't true, but it is. Please put this name away.

OP: Hey excuse me but if i named him fairy princess (which i wouldnt) then that would be my burden. I dont think any of that behaviour is likely to happen at first or middle school. I dont know about high school. If it is such a bad name why did someone else said they know 2 men with the name on here? I think it is a cross between either Gaye or Galen but Galen will just get shortened to Gaye anyway

Me: I know you don't think this behavior is likely, and that is why I am trying to warn you in the most vehement terms that it is likely. I'm not trying to be mean, I am trying to be real with you. I know kids named Kay and Ray that get teased by getting called Gay - don't do the bullies' work for them by naming him Gaye to begin with! I don't know how old you are, but as someone who was in middle school and high school not so long ago, I can assure you that kids that age, particularly the younger they are, can be merciless and cruel about the tinest things. It's narrow and small of them, but they're children and children really do behave that way. Sure, two men may have that name, and maybe they aren't scarred for life - great for them! That doesn't mean that your son will be as lucky, particularly in today's world, where "gay" is among the most common negative epithets on the playground.

I'm not here to slam your names - Galen is actually one of my favorite names of all time - but I think we are all here to support each other in making wise decisions in naming for the sake of our children. Please do consider the extreme concern being expressed on this board - I assure you we are not just crazy or something.

OP: It was'nt a joke damn, I am genuinly concidering this name for my son. Who are you to talk about names anyway you too made a poor choice of name or your mother did.

Me: there's no need to lash out. If it bothers you around here, it's often best to ignore it than to get riled because that only provokes people.

OP: Im not lashing out you were the one doing that Charlotte I just said it was a good name and you came in here like I was killing your kid or something. And why the hell should I ignore it? You are the one provoking people by telling them they are in the wrong when you are. If you hated the name or thought I was a bad apple you should have clicked the next thread. Whatever happens It isn't going to effect you is it its my burden if I name him gaye, Galen or whatever. everbody has different tastes in names For one thing I dont like your choice of names no one is going to agree on a perfect name theres no such thing anyway.

Me: Look, I am not angry with you or hating on this name - you are not a "bad apple" and I don't hate the name. It's a nice name, and I wish it did not have the connotations it now has. It's the kids who would grow up around little Gaye I am trying to warn you about. I haven't suggested any names to you, so you have no idea about my choice of names - in fact, the only thing I have said about names is that Galen, one of your own choices, is one of my favorite names of all time. I actively encourage you to use Galen, because it is beautiful and unusual and does not have as much of a risk of being teased. I am hardly the only one here concerned about the teasing risk, so please know I am not picking on you - we are all just trying to be helpful.

OP: what is with the long paragraphs you are not being helpful though Ok SSHHH

Poster #4: What is it with people who ask for opinions on names and then get mad when someone says they don't like their name?? What the heck?

OP: then dont reply nobody asked you did they

Me: Au contraire! I believe the sentence that started this whole thread was "I love this name what does everyone think of it?" Was it not? Since you're asking, people are feeling free to tell you. If you don't like being told people's real opinions, you should perhaps reconsider posting for opinions.

OP: OK Wtf does Au contraire! mean you are beginning to get more annoying and confusing with every post. Why are you on my case about it Gaye is a fine name for a boy you may not think so but many people do. And as for it being Gay as in homo I have nothing against them. I am progay I support gay people have any friends who are lezbians and gay. there are other meanings to it Such as 'happy' Why should I be ashamed of them. My son is going to grow up stronger rather than be a no name kid that nobody notices. I don't know why this thread has not been closed yet. For the record I am not being childish Im 19 whereas you being the idiot you are must be a pregnant 13 year old.

Me: It is a well-known fact that pregnant 13 year olds are idiots who somehow miraculously use "Au contraire" at apropos moments. It is also a well-known fact that those who cannot take the heat ought to consider getting out of the kitchen. Please note, for the record, that this post is the first time I have been even marginally rude. And that is because I believe the case is really closed on this one.

OP: I didnt want to be nasty but you are a jackass. What I said to you that i dont understand half the things you say. I already know your well spoken but I am not going to waste my time translating your nonsense words just use plain english. Charlotte your name is dumb seriously, i would rather use Homo or lezbian then that name. French names suck.

To which I simply replied, "You would rather use Homo or Lezbian? Isn't that what this thread was all about to begin with?"

Obviously, she is very pro-gay with those lovely Homo and Lezbian name suggestions. Also, she is apparently a great champion of "plain english," as her composition style suggests. That's really all I have to say on this point.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Being 19 this girl should realize what a cruel fate little Gaye will have in school...unless of course she is uneducated which would explain a lot.

Friday, September 11, 2009 1:09:00 PM  
Anonymous SyntheticVinyl said...


This is hysterical. You could be me, I could be you.

They just make it too easy.

Anonymous - "unless of course she is uneducated..."

Ummm...I'd say yeah.

Monday, February 13, 2012 7:47:00 PM  

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