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Pantera, Chryseis-Aaliyah, and Adonai

Original post December 23, 2005

Inappropriate appropriation of "ethnic" words in baby naming has always annoyed me, but lately I've been getting just plain pissed off with word names, "ethnic" or otherwise. Why are people driven to name their children things that they do not know the meaning of?

Question: Well I love music and I just wondered what would people think of the name Serenade. nn can be Serena.. maybe?? Reply: Ooh, I actually really like it! Here's a list of some other music-related names I like: Cadenza, Madrigal, Sonata, Cantata, Tessitura, Symphony,
Harmony, Aria.

I'm sorry. Madrigal? Symphony? I mean, Harmony and Melody if you really have to, but Aria? Cantata?? Just because a word is pretty in Italian doesn't mean it's a good name! Oooh, I know, what about Coscia, Anatra and Palestra? They mean thigh, duck, and gymnasium, but who cares, they are so beautiful!!!

I think Tress is simple and pretty. Do you think it looks incomplete?
I think it looks like a lock of hair. But maybe that is just me.

Here's a gem: WDYT of the name Pantera(Pan-ter-a)? it's Spanish for Panther.
Oh, really? I thought it was American for metal band!

Dimity - it's the word for cotton fabric with a raised pattern- may have been commonly used as a name a long time ago... Wow, then that's a perfect candidate to be a little girl's name!! Dimity, with her sisters Lawn, Brocade and Calico!!

I've already told you all about the Dharma Jane fiasco, so you will appreciate the following suggestions.

I really like the name Adonai, but my husband worries that
people will think it is egotistical of us to name our child that. I
agree and think that it would be egotistical if we were naming our son
that on purpose but I really just like the name separate from that. Is
it okay to use?
Reply: I voted yes, I think this is a really
great name but I think it is better for a girl. (IMO) Would sound
better as a middle name for a boy.

My DH and I are pagan and would like to represent this in our child's name. Some of the ones we're tossing about are:
(as a mn)
Pacien (Pay-she-en)

Wow, I didn't know that one of the tenets of paganism was scarring your children for life!!

I love Egyptian things, what do you think of the name Osiris? Reply: it's my cousin's name. I like it though my cousin is a girl...

I am currently embroiled in a big debate over Native American "names." A poster suggested Dawson for a boy and Checotah for a girl, saying "They're both Native American." First of all, "Native American" is not a language. Secondly, my college savings says this girl is not Native American. Upon further questioning, the OP revealed that Checotah (the city in Oklahoma) was named after Samuel Checote, a Native American evangelist who was later elected chief of the Creeks (lol, Dawson and Creek??). I asked why she would name a girl after Samuel Checote, and why she would insist Dawson was a Native American name when, in fact, it is simply the Western name assigned to a particular tribe in the Yukon. No response yet, and I suspect I will not receive one. OH WELL, BACK TO THE INJUN DRAWING BOARD!!

Other baby name buffoonery:

One poster just today suggested Xadrian. As in "Xadrian's Wall." A few months ago, this came up: My grandmother, Alexandra, passed away recently. My cousin wants to name her child with the middle name Ardnaxela (alexandra backwards)

One user, who is named Jhaesyn, so perhaps we shouldn't expect much, wanted to know: What do you think about the name Sakai for a middle name to Chryseis-Aaliyah??? Chryseis-Aaliyah Sakai. Hm.

One woman wants to name her little girl Tosca and asks for suggestions. I would have advised against using the name of an opera as a name for a child, but the general public does not seem to mind. Case in point: What about an indian name?
Tosca Raj
or something else?
Tosca Lou
Tosca Broll
dunno really ive never heard of the name Tosca before

Tosca Lou Broll Indrani, get in here, supper time!!

What do you think of this names: Abriyanna Skye. Whats another way to spell Aubriyanna?

I'm so glad you asked!! One poster says: I luv this name! Other ways to spell it:


Apostrophes, 1. Dignity, 0.


Anonymous Lindsay Victoria said...

"Yes, brilliant baby-namer, Tress does sound incomplete. May I suggest Tresseme? I think its French. Plus, yanno, she'll be garaunteed to have salon quality hair without salon quality prices!"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 2:03:00 AM  
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Anonymous kamagra said...

One poster just today suggested Xadrian. As in "Xadrian's Wall." A few months ago, this came up: My grandmother, Alexandra, passed away recently. My cousin wants to name her child with the middle name.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011 7:14:00 AM  
Blogger assassinfearx said...

My name is Adonai, and i love it. It is a very rare name with a powerful presence, that gives people a chill when it get called.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 2:04:00 PM  

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