Saturday, April 08, 2006

Zarek, Cadmium and Cachet (I think it's Muslim!)

Sometimes I wonder whether the problem is bad names or bad parents. Examples:

I met a girl today whose name is Alexis Porshea (prn: Alexis Por-shay) How do you like it? Just curious. A Lexus Porsche? YES!! I didn't even know they MADE those!!

Kurst & Lincoln...WDYT? When he was gunned down, Lincoln realized he was Kurst.

WDYT of the name Cadmium for a boy?? My comment was pre-empted by another's, potentially the most hilarious comment ever:It sounds like a metal or something from the Periodic Table of Elements, in my opinion. IN MY OPINION, Cadmium sounds like it's on the Table of Elements!!

I have friend who has a five year old neice who I just found out is called Austria Rose. i thought what a cute name, what do you think? I think it sounds like a 1930s movie about Hitler.

Saffron, Fenton and Cain? These are names i love for my future children. But does she love her future children?

Hey, I really like the names STAYNER and could imagine it on a boy. I know it´s usually a surname. what do you think ? Hm, this is a toughie. It IS usually a surname, and a surname most recently borne by the Yosemite serial killer. And then there's the obvious "should have been stain on the carpet" connotations.

Kitana WDYT?? WDYT of this name? How do you acutually say this?. Kih-TAH-nah. It means "I like Final Fantasy way too much."

Kiev or Berlin? I know.. Chicken Kiev... It's the name of a city too. Keyev or Berlynn Berlinn. I'm not sure I understand the question, but I am glad to know that Kiev is a city and not just a recipe! Berlynn Keyev promises to be the new Julia Child, for sure!

What do you think of the name Khaire (Ky-ear). I like Zaire for a boy, so I think that Khaire would be a nice name for a girl. I think Zaire would be a nice name for a boy, too. OH WAIT JK JK JK!

CACHET. What do you think of this name?? It is pronounced CA-SHAY. I knew someone with this name-i think it's muslim, but im not sure. But wdyt?? Like it-hate it-would u use it?? says: ca·chet 1. A mark or quality, as of distinction, individuality, or authenticity. 2. A seal on a document, such as a letter. 3a. A commemorative design stamped on an envelope to mark a postal or philatelic event. 3b. A motto forming part of a postal cancellation. 4. A kind of wafer capsule formerly used by pharmacists for presenting an unpleasant-tasting drug. WAFER CAPSULE ALI, GET DOWN HERE AND SAY YOUR PRAYERS!

Milagros?? I know yall are thinking what the hell??? But it mean "miracles" in Spanish. As in, it would take miracles for this kid not to be teased? PELIGRO!!

What do you think of the name Dakiri for a girl (pronounced da-ker-RI, like the drink)?
maybe spelt differently... Daquiri?
Dakiri, Wiskee and Burbynne Jones!

WDYT of Chanai/Shanai? Pronounced Cha-N-eye...or Sha-N-eye. theres a girl on X-Factor who has this name, i love it..WDYT? Chanai? As in Roti Chanai? Mmmm, delicious!

WDYT of the name Caber? I thought it was kinda cute. I hear the newest playground fad is the Caber Toss.

We are having a really hard time picking name for a boy. What do u think of this name? Zarek Philson Ling. Philip is my dad's name and Nelson is my FIL's name so I ended up using both so either one of them will be jealous. But I dunno know Zarek sounds for a Chinese boy tho. Prn like Derek but it's Zarek. ZAREK WILL RULE THE GALAXY IN HIS PHILSON LING 3X5000!!

Things I can't even comment on:

I know it's a type of tea, but if you didn't know that/it wasn't, wouldn't Chai be a cute boy's name? I love the sound of it for a little boy or even once he's grown up, but I don't think the tea connotations are really that desireable. Anyone know any names like this, or that I can use instead?

I think Aria would be the perfect middle name for Sonnet!

WTDY of the name Tarot?

Paygan..??? Opinions welcome on this one, its kinda Goth, which i like

What does everyone think on the name Mascara? I think it is a lovely and unusual name.


Anonymous Amelia said...

Philip + Nelson--forget Philson, how 'bout Nellip? :p

The only Milagros I know (and she is actually Hispanic) goes by CheChe (pronounced ChayChay).

Saturday, May 06, 2006 7:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cachet is a french name that means 'desirable/ desired'

Sunday, January 30, 2011 9:37:00 AM  
Anonymous kamagra oral jelly said...

It is the parents fault, I mean why a parent would gave such horrible name to a child.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011 8:48:00 AM  
Anonymous cheapest rs gold said...

I don't think that name being the most severe I think it's unique because I had never observed that name, I like when individuals don't have worry to labeling others like that

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