Thursday, May 11, 2006

That which we call a Lilia...


Lilia Monet


Lilia Paris

I dread polls like this. Why don't they ever give you option C, "Why not Lilia Marie, or Lilia Penelope? At least that wouldn't scream, 'Look how hard I am trying to be cultured!'" I dutifully voted... Paris. Because Monet is just that bad in my mind. And you know when I choose former-male-name-now-borne-by-socialite-heiress/slut, the other choice is really just that bad.

There are a few reasons I think Monet is a dumb thing to name a kid. Firstly, it is more popular as its "alternate" spelling, Monae. "It's Monae, like Monet," we're told. Nothing screams "tasteful" like a respelling of a famous artist's name. Meet my kids Konstabyl Ohkeef and Renwahr War-haul! If it's a tribute to Monet (which I sort of doubt, more on that later), at least spell it Monet. Secondly, (here is the part I am talking about), Monet/Monae is apparently a clever way to slip both art and cash into the same name. Remember Count de Monet in Mel Brooks' "History of the World, Part One?" Yeah, that kind of Monet. You see the same sort of thing with Jules (Jewels) and Cash. Thirdly, MONET HAD A FIRST NAME. If you're so interested in actually honoring the artist, he had some other names!

All of these facts apparently did not faze other posters, who responded:

Monet; but if I were you I'd look into using a less-well-known artist namefor the middle:

Lilia Chardin
Lilia Morisot
Lilia Cassatt
Lilia Watteau

At least Lilia Monet had some kind of theme going, you know? Lilia Chardin? LILIA WATTEAU? Why not Lilia I-just-googled-French-painters? What about Lilia Fragonard? Lilia Girodet de Roussy-Trioson?? Ooh, I know, Lilia Hennequin! That's kind of like Heineken! Or Lilia Limousin? Now THAT'S classy!


Anonymous lemonfresh said...

I vote for "Lilia I-Just-Googled-French-Painters".


Friday, June 02, 2006 5:29:00 PM  

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