Monday, August 28, 2006

Majestyk crime-busters Ultraviolet and Blue smash Braizyn Jax smuggling ring with their Lively Tallens

Tallen Lively. The hospital lets us know that "Tallen is a good name meaning: claw, nail." No news on "Lively," but I think that probably means something nicer.

Braizyn Randall - will he grow up to be a brazen vandal? Only time will tell. Though the first name is not a good sign.

Ultraviolet Isabelle and Crystal Blue could be an awesome crime-fighting duo.

I was shocked to see Leviticus as a name a few months back... but I am now even more shocked to find a Corinthian. Corrie for short, perhaps? Levi and Corrie would make a great sibset. Why bother naming after those books in the Bible that are... named after people..?

Majestyk Valley - I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is a euphemism for cleavage in the Metaphysical poets.

Honestly? Not that Unique.

This kid will never lose at playground games! No way, for he is Jax Justis!

The new baby name book suggests for girls: Anatola ("from the Turkish region Anatolia"), Flower ("Old French for 'blossom'"), Anwar ('Rays of light,' most familiar as a man's name" - have you ever heard this used as a female name, EVER?); and for boys: Havelock ("sea competition"), Rushford ("ford with rushes"), Laddie ("Middle English for 'manservant or young man'"), and Lombard ("Latin for 'long beard'; Lombardy is an area in Northern Italy"). Now, of course, some of these definitions are right... but who would name a kid Laddie, Lombard, or (in the case of a daughter) Anwar?

I would like to note that the woman who wrote this book also wrote a newer one called "The Modern Guide to Teaching Children Good Manners." If her research for that was as good as her research for this one, kids will be farting loudly and biting their hosts as signs of their gratitude.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anwar? ANWR (pronounced "ann wahr") = Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. Maybe the parents are nature junkies?

Monday, April 14, 2008 3:34:00 PM  

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