Saturday, August 05, 2006

Message Board Fun!!

I have two daughters and it was so fun and easy picking out their names. You can get creative with girls names and even the spellings. Boys are different. I don't know for sure what the sex of my third baby is yet, but I have a feeling it is a boy. I want to pick out a unique boys name, but I am finding it hard to find one that isn't sissy sounding. And I do not want any crazy spellings either. Guess I am too picky, but I just don't want to stick my son with a girly name. Any advice?

The advice:

Colton/Colt (gun?)
Clinton/Clint (Mr Cigar?)
Viktor (tougher with a K!)
Wolf (leader of the pack!)
Trace (this is a name?)
Kraven (Craven??)
Ky (made up)
Brodin (also made up)
Shad (really really made up)
Rayce (like running? or like skin color?)
Zyler (um?)
Ryder (sexual)
Ryker (prison)

Things are looking good for boys these days.

Okay, I know this name is different but I really love it.

Aelfric -It means Elf ruler.

I haven't come up with a middle name yet. I think it is unique without being too way over the top. I can use Fric for short. It is better than some of those names out there.

It doesn't exactly surprise me that someone who wants to name their son "Aelfric" isn't familiar with the slang word "frick." Not that Aelfric is so bad though, as she does point out.

My DH and I do not know what we are having but are trying to find a good name. All 4 of our other girls start with "K" but we are not stuck on naming this one with a "K".

Our girls names....
Kjersten Ann-Marie
Keeley Cheyenne
Keturah Jay Ann
Keziah Esther Marie

We do tend to like Hebrew names due to the biblical meanings.

Something tells me Keeley Cheyenne missed the Biblical boat.

The suggestions do too.

Kinsey? (About as far from Biblical as you get.)
Kylyn? (Killin'? Definitely not Biblical.)
Kaina? (Make it Caina. Definitely Biblical. Just not with a K.)
Kalla? (Please, only with middle name Lylly)
Kellen (If Helen Keller mated with herself, she might produce a Kellen.)
Kayle (Like the vegetable?)
Kennedy (Mm, dead president.)
Kindley (Kindly step away from the K names, Mom.)
Karigen (Is this like a pathogen?)

My idea is definately different from every single one you've heard, and is unique but pretty Kishelle like Michelle with a K instead. So here is my name choice:

Kishelle Rae-lynn

The OP found this generous (and, perhaps like me, thought it sounded like a brand of toilet paper), but chose to decline:

Thanks BUT I do like to go with actual names - nothing made up.

Again, seems that Keeley Cheyenne missed the boat on this.


Blogger keesh said...

Do you still use this blog? Just happend to come across it. Is that the name you ended up going with? It just so happens to be my name ;)

Monday, January 15, 2007 12:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Ashleigh said...

I wonder if "Kjersten" has a similar pronunciation to the country Kyrgyzstan?

Thursday, August 09, 2007 1:38:00 PM  

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