Monday, August 07, 2006

That which we call a Madeleine...

Variants of Madeleine found on a single baby naming site:

Madailein - Irish form of Madeleine, "magnificent"
Madalen - Hebrew, "From the tower"
Madalena - Spanish, "Bitter," "Woman from Magdala."
Madalene - "Woman from Magdala"
Madalyn - Hebrew, "from the tower"
Madalyne - French "Tower."
Madalynn - Spanish, "Woman from Magdala"
Maddalen - German, "magnificent"
Maddalena - German, "magnificent"
Maddalene - German, "magnificent"
Maddalyn - German, "magnificent"
MaddieLynn - English
Madelaine - Hebrew, "from the tower"
Madeleina - French, "tower"
Madeleine - French, "tower"
Madelena - Hebrew, "from the tower"
Madelene - Hebrew, "from the tower"
Madelina - French, "Woman from Magdala"
Madeline - French, "Woman from Magdala"
Madelon - French, "Woman from Magdala"
Madelynn - Spanish, "Woman from Magdala"
Madilynn - Unknown origins, "Combination of traditional Madiline and the Lynn."
Madolen - French, "tower"

Excusez-moi, mesdames et messieurs. I am looking for le Madolen - you know, the one where la madalena madalynn lives? I hear the architecture madelena is sehr maddalen!

The moral of this story? Don't believe everything you read on the internets. Also, be very afraid of recent developments in American foreign language education.


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