Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Icelynn, Gemple, and "The Bar Scene Connotation"

I went back to my favorite naming site's "user opinions" section, where users can submit their favorite names, and tackled the girls, F through I. The results:

i love the name Fanta and i think you should put it in your favorite names list.

Dontcha dontcha wanta Fanta Fanta??

A very unusual but beautiful name.

OMGZ GUYZ I want to have twins, Flora and Fauna! They go so well together, and are so unusual but beautiful!!

maybe I made this up??? Haven't seen it elsewhere. I used it once as my name playing a saloon girl with a $5 bill pinned to my bodice. Got a lot of attention! Could be a pretty name, though, without the bar scene connotation.

I think this is going to be my new standard critique of horrible names. "Could be pretty without the bar scene connotation."

Feodora Rose: Elegant, graceful, creative, happy- Feodora Rose is an exotic yet simply lovely name. The kind of name that makes you look up when you here it.

Look up and see that the wind has blown your feodora off your head and down the street.
(Yeah, I realize this is one of those legit-but-weird-in-Anglophonic-contexts.)

French Chetta - Chetta is just a shortened version of Chester, which is a family name. (Che - dd- a)

I don't know about French Chedda, but French Brie is delicious.

(Gah-l-ah(like screaming)-dree-el) She is also another charactor in the Lord of the Rings books she is a BEAUTIFUL elfin queen and is very powerful,she was always my favorite woman character.

Galadriel. LIKE SCREAMING. I love that this person's grasp of phonics includes the term "like screaming." I can picture Henry Higgins using this - "Ah, not Ahr, Ah. LIKE SCREAMING."

(Jem-ple) I made this name up and it means "purple gemini." I've gotten a lot of negative comments but I still like it and what to share it with you.

I made this name up: Troulean. It means "cerulean trout." I've gotten a lot of negative comments but I still wanted to share it with you. It's way better than "purple gemini," whatever that means.

This name sounds like a woman who takes care of herself. doesn't mess around and is independent. she almost sounds like she would be a machinic.

Or maybe a Malibu Beach surfer girl played by Sandra Dee.

i got the first part of this name from one of Macy Gray's children and i just love her music. the second part of the name grounds it. a child with this name would have to be happy go lucky!

You know it's some name, when Jayn "grounds it."

I sort of made up this name when thinking how much I liked the first name Harbor for a girl, but the man I'm marrying has the last name of Hatcher, and that just doesn't fit too well. I stuck Leigh on the end because it makes it sound like the author Harper Lee, who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. It sounds very beautiful.

How does one "sort of make up" a name? More importantly, how does one decide that "Harborleigh" sounds very beautiful?

Heavena Moon: (heaven-uh) this name conjures up an image of a beautiful, futuristic princess from another universe. it also reminds me of the stars. the nickname 4 this would be Vanya!

Heavena Moon doesn't remind me of the stars - we'd better put "Star" in there somewhere, just in case. Heavena Moon-Starr - now THAT'S a name for a princess from another universe!

(heh-WHOA-vee) I love this name because it is strong and feminine. It sounds good with most middle names. It's Gorgeous!

WHOA. Whoa. ... whoa. Could be beautiful without the bar connotation.

This is a very unusual and unique name given to my cousin.

Here's hoping your cousin happens to be the mountains of Scotland.

I wanted to name my daughter this as a child!
This sounds like an interesting family structure.
just about any one syllable word or name can sound good when lynn is added.

Hmmm, let's test this hypothesis. Jocelyn. Okay. Carolyn. Yup, all right. Herpeslyn. Eh, not what I was expecting.

Dave points out that I have cheated, and used two syllable words. So let's try this again. Plumlynn. Lightlynn. Woodlynn. Asslynn. Wartslynn. Pooplynn? Again, not exactly what I was expecting.

This is not a great name but I like the way it was made up! My friend in church hates his name because he says it's a girlie name, it's Imani! Me and my cousins like him and so my cousin said she would love to have his baby!! LOL But she would want her baby to have a unique name. Put that together, Imoni and Unique and you get Imonunique so I felt that was cool!

Um... is it bad that, even after this story, I still don't get why Imonunique is cool?

One of my best friends named her daughter Ireland and I LOVE her reasoning. First, the word “Ireland” calls to mind pictures of breathtakingly beautiful countryside, castles, and romance and what better gift than to give your daughter than her name conjuring such a beautiful stereotype. Second, it’s a vaguely unisex name which, when coupled with the above mental pictures will give her an amazing edge on resumes and such where her name is her first impression.

I don't even know what to say about this. Other than "dizzying logic."

You can't help but picture all the vast beauty in it's miles of rolling countryside, therefore it makes for a beautiful name. can also be spelled Irelynd.

I would like to ask Patrick Pearse if it can also spelled Irelynd, I bet he'd have something to say about that.

On a related note:
i saw a guy with this name once and i haven't forgotten it. i like the simplicity of it, and it also demonstrates Irish pride.

Definitely. I bet Patrick Pearse would totally have had a son named Irish.

Isaiah (girl)
Isaiah Noelle: Isaiah has been my favorite name since the first day i heard it. when my mom told me she was going to get me a little puppy i decided i was gonna name him Isaiah...well my puppy turned out to be a girl, and she still ended up with the name it just seems like a girls name to me. I thought Isaiah Noelle sounded pretty together, that's gonna be the name of my first daughter. (nobody steal Isaiah for a girl! it's mine!)

Don't worry, it's all yours. Also - who names their daughter after their dog?