Sunday, July 23, 2006

Jilljill, Acid Rain, and the Rules of Unisex Naming

On to the female Js. I got so depressed with these, I haven't even looked at the boys yet.


This is the name of someone I went to school with. Sounds Oriental.

Or possibly Romulan.

Jack (girl)

Why not? I think it makes a really cute name for a girl, especially one with curly hair and misheviously glinting eyes...

... as she loomed over your bedside with a cleaver in her hand, whispering "Why, Mom, why?"


My favourite color is any shade of green (except avocado) it's short, simple and you can't really come up with any derogatory nicknames for Jade...

I think might disagree: "JADE- 2: a woman adulterer [syn: adulteress, fornicatress, hussy, loose woman, slut, strumpet, trollop] " Hm.


Probaby cute and popular.

I mean, maybe. It's likely. It could be, you know.


My favorite name is Jael Armani (JAY-el ah-reh-MAH-nee) This is a girl name and what i plan to name my baby girl. Jael is hebrew for to ascend and Armani is african for faith.

Jail Armani? Maybe she's an animal-rights activist. An animal rights activist who thinks "African" is a language. Jael, when pronounced properly, is in fact a rather nice name, though. Maybe she could use Yale Armani. That sounds appropriately grasping.


(pronounced like "Jake") masculin names for women are strong and sexy, although I don't recommend Bob or Henry!

Then what do you recommend? Perhaps James is all right, but Orlando is not? Is Walter okay? What about Billy? I NEED DIRECTION!


(jAA-na with a soft J) I like it cause it sound so normal but still is very unusual. It's a name that keeps on buzzing in your head.

Take note that something "buzzing in your head" is normal to this poster.


Sounds exotic

Sounds like a cholesterol medication.


My obsession with naming children after months has lead me to this. It's pretty, and just sounds nice the way it rolls off the tongue. I don't care for the nickname of "Jan", but all in all, the name is perfect. A good name for a bright and cheery person or an optimist.

Nothing says bright cheery optimism like January.


JAR RAH individual name with a woody kind of twist

With subtle undertones of oak and vanilla, Jarrah's woody kind of twist makes it an ideal accompaniment to steak or lamb.

Jasmine Dymond:

Last I checked, Jasmine was not a "jem." Though neither is "Dymond," if you want to get technical.


There is one name I have not seen there-or anywhere for that matter. It is JENUFFA. It is my eldest daughter's name. I found it in the San Francisco Examiner shortly before she was born, 31 years ago. There was a Chek opera playing in town. And this was its name. I believe, but am not certain, that it is the chek pronunciation of JENNIFER. I pronounce it like the French would. "shin'=uf =fa" or pronouncing Jennifer with a southern drawl. It is a very unusual name. I am sure noone else has the name.

If I'd been this woman, perhaps I would have "Chek"ed up on all these foreign languages she thinks she knows. I am pretty sure the French pronunciation of Jenuffa would be "Elle croit que ├ža est notre prononciation de Jennifer? Et mon cul, c'est du poulet?"

In actuality, I think this woman was thinking of Janacek's Jenufa, which Wikipedia characterizes as "a grim story of infanticide and redemption." Goody!

Jersey Rain
I heard of this name in the movie Coyote Ugly, and I really liked it. I thought a one syllable name would compliment it, and after debating over Jersey Sky, or Jersey Rain, I choice Rain

Correct me if I'm wrong... but doesn't Jersey Rain, like, corrode things?


(Jill-jill) We thought about naming our daughter Jilljill. It looks kewl written, and both her grandmothers are named Jill. We didn't want one to always think "Oh she's name after the other one so we made it so they would both know that they were both in our hearts and thoughts.

See, for normal people, having two grandmothers named Jill would be a boon because you wouldn't have to name after one or the other. You could just... you know... name after both with one name. Like a sane person.


a boys name rarely used as a girls. it sounds so beautiful as a girls name. i just thought it was unusual and i have spelt it differently too to make it stand out even more.

As if a girl named Joseph wouldn't stand out enough.


sounds like a native american name, it reminds me of something peaceful

Perhaps a flower? Or perhaps the word "tranquil?"

Jordyn Grace:
This is one I've liked since I was a little girl. I like the ambigender quality of Jordyn and Grace is a family name and a middle name that makes Jordyn unmistakably female.

I'm not sure I'd go to all the trouble of making something "ambigender" if I were going to go back and make it "unmistakably female." Besides, "ambigendering" something sounds like it would at least require some form of bioengineering.


I named my daughter JOSHLYNN (Josh+lynn) because I didn't like the spelling of Jocelyn. Add my daughter's name to list and see how everyone likes it. It is one of a kind in that spelling.

Joshlynn: it's Jocelyn, sloshed.


because ladylike ladies often have it.

Whatever you say.


to call her Jews for short. Tall, strong woman, classic.

Don't tell the Germans. Also, avoid kids named Aryan Justice.

June Cricket:
I love the summertime, and this name makes me think of school getting out, crickets chirping and getting kissed for the first time.

I prefer June Popsicle or June Roman Candle, myself. Or maybe June Sweaty-Backseat-of-a-Car.

Jura (joo-ruh) Flame:
The first name is the name of an island in my homeland of Scotland that is slightly less common than Iona or Skye. I just thought that the middle name complimented it nicely!

You're aflame??

Here to break the fast!!

My dear readers, I wish to apologize for the recent drought. I have been abroad and have been looking unsuccessfully for a job (both nasty places, to be quite honest), but I have returned to bring you the best of the interwebs. And it is my distinct honor, ladies and gentlemen, to bring you the most fantastic name I have ever seen in online birth announcements. Caroline and Matthew, whoever you are, I salute you for bringing for Onchorynchus Horatio into the world... and even more importantly, I salute you for naming him Onchorynchus Horatio. I would like to put some money towards his college education. No, seriously, I would - contact me.

Is it too late to let MarkTwain's mom know that it was just a pseudonym? Probably.

Did you ever have to read the story of Jehan Le Fou in French class? Well here's a LeSane!

Epiphany and Serendipity. Twins. As a twin myself, I can't decide if this is better or worse than the traditional Harmony and Melody. Probably better in some and worse in others. Either way, I hope they get nice nicknames. Pippi and Sara, maybe? Too much to hope for?

Little Rydr was born to be wild, and, coincidentally enough, born without vowels. Check out that sweet mohawk.

This kid's name is Zade. Not horrific, until you realize he's got a brother named Zane. Zane and Zade. Better hope no one ever gets a cold in that family.

I know I joke about how some names look like Scrabble tiles. But what if you took two normal names and tried to play Scrabble with them? Perhaps they'd end up looking something like Lyndseei Danielel. How do you even say this?

So let's say I want to use the name Nevaeh (hypothetical situation, clearly), but I'm not sure how to spell "heaven" in order to spell "heaven" backwards. Do I spell it Neveah? Common mistake. Is it Neaveh, maybe? Oh, screw it, let's just go for Neavaeh! That way, it's heaven-backwards AND a palindrome!! (This obviously being highly hypothetical, since I'm not sure there are many people out there who can't spell "heaven" and know what a palindrome is).

You will be disappointed to learn that Pebblez does not have a brother named Bam-Bam. I know I was.