Thursday, November 30, 2006

Plz don't kidnap azn babies

Do you want your child to be A'zyian? Or merely Beasiatic?

Please note that one of Beasiatic's middle names is Nazi. Here's hoping that's somehow culturally justified.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Saryniti Jacelyn

Miirecal Cy'nthia





Heavan Lee



Sohpie Ann


Friday, November 03, 2006


Telly Kolton and Tattoo Kane.


At least they spelled "Tattoo" correctly..?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I think I just felt my testicles descend

Get ready, internets, for some MANLY MEN.

Meet Gunner, Gunner, Cannon, Gatlin, Cutler, Cutter, Steeler, Charger, Tuff, the gonadorific Saxon Ryker Magnus, and the testosteronetastic Blaze Earnhardt!!!

Please also greet Rowan, Ryan, Drew, Chandler, and Trystan. All girls, of course. And Trystan got the added bonus of having the word "tryst" in her name.

November 2nd - "K" of the Dead!

Kanyon Harley:
Its my sons new baby's name, our first grandson and we have never heard this name before. Canyon with a K because it's strong and forever. Harley because it was his grandfathers name.

I just decided I'm going to get married in a Kanyon. And ride off on a Harley. Also, I've decided to ask my boyfriend to propose with a kiamond ring. It's strong and forever!

it's the name of a hot guy I work with

This could get awkward.

Kayson: "Mom, how did you pick my name?"
Mom: "Oh, it was the name of a hot guy I worked with."
Kayson: "Um... my dad?"
Mom: "Um..."

Not all bad-baby-namers are stupid. They just all lack common sense. Case in point:

I would use the name Keats Emerson for a son because of the description above for Keats, and Emerson because he is the author of "Self-Reliance," a body of work that also had a great impact on my life. I can't quite convince my husband, though, that a child named Keats Emerson Leichsenring would not be beaten to a pulp daily on the playground, but that's my own problem for now.

Hey smarty-pants. Yeah, I see your English degree you've got there. Here's a hint: pull your nose out of transcendentalist philosophy texts before you bear young. Your young will thank you for it. Let them read "Self-Reliance" for themselves, rather than having to learn self-reliance the hard way: having no friends because their parents gave them the snottiest name on the planet.

Keelin (boy)
It's unusual, but not nauseating.

I'm Keelin' over right now, just thinking about it, personally. Also, this is a great standard for names. "Unusual? Check. Not nauseating? Check."

Well I just always thought that this name was the name of a REAL man. Its very unique.

As opposed to those FALSE men, named Henry and William and crap.

This is my baby cousin's name. As far as I know, his parents made it up. I like it because it's highly unusual and he is the only person I've ever met with this name. A nice alternative to Keith.

What happens when you combine two names in the top 300? Creativity, apparently..?

Welsh, but taken from Katherine Kurtz's "Deryni" series. Means "son of the Celt"

Wow, Kelson derives from "Kelt's son," which is Welsh for "son of the Celt?" Pretty amazing, when you consider that the Welsh didn't use the words "Celt" or "son."

my stuffed penguin is named Kelvin.

Um... good for you?

I combine my husband's and my name, KENneth + NANcy =Kennan for our new born boy. Its also the land of milk and honey.

I am hoping you mean that the land of milk and honey is "Caanan," not "what happens when my husband and I combine our names."

I like the boy's name Kennebec. I don't know why. It's a city in South Dakota but I wouldn't mind naming my child that.

I like the boy's name Flushing. I don't know why. It's a city in New York, but I wouldn't mind naming my child that.

Unique, beautiful and great representation of your son. He will never have the same name of anyone in his class.

So unique, it's currently sitting at 662 on the charts.

Just one little change says so much

Namely, "My mom can't spell 'Kevin'."

I am convinced that there is not a Kevin on earth who isn't an extremely cool dude. I bet there are no serial killers, mass murderers nor menaces to society of any kind with the name Kevin. Who doesn't get along well with all the Kevin's they know?

I don't, for one. But more importantly, I don't think I could use the name Kevin... it might be one of those FAKE male names.

This is a surname in my family. Our company is called Kohl Wholesale. I like how it's like Cole, but more unique and German looking.

And more cabbage-looking, too!

A great name. Its kind of a mixture of tyler and Kyle, two name that are too popular for my taste.

Let's see. Kyler currently sits a 282, which constitutes 1,164 boys last year. There were 16,712 Tylers born last year, and 6,590 Kyles, along with 2,747 Skylars, and 2,374 Skylers. What are the odds that Kyler is going to grow up responding to all three of these names more than his own? Good job, name-smushing parent. Good job. If you're going to invent a name, you may as well ensure it doesn't sound like the name of 28, 423 other kids'.

(KEY-O-TO) (Japanese) International environmetnal treaty that will change the world for the better & a nice city too!

I'm a German-American Catholic environmentalist - meet my kids Versailles, Pinckney, Lateran and Kyoto! Also, I apparently can't pronounce Kyoto!