Friday, June 01, 2007

Yahoo for Yahoo Answers!

Oh, Yahoo Answers. You can go there for advice on how to fix a leaking hose, or file for bankruptcy - why not have them name your baby as well?

What do you think about naming a baby after a country/city?

my sister is about to have a baby soon.she is not sure about the baby's sex,but she is thinking about naming her baby after a country or city,like brooklyn,china,india,paris.......
what do you think about these kinda names?

I prefer to read "these kinda names" as "these 'kinda-names.'"

As you might expect this question got some truly brilliant responses.

A name has to come from somewhere.............if it is a cute name and happens to be a town, country or city who cares. There are some cute ones to choose from!!!!

Seriously, who cares! I love the names Okinawa, Ypres, and Jonestown - they're cute, so who cares?!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THOSE NAMES if i had a girl it was either gonna be America, India or Asia, lol..

LOL! I bet your son Antarctica is pissed, though.

I love those names. I had a friend in college called Wales. And a friend of our's little boy is named Ireland. I think they are just beautiful.

The countries? Or the children? I'm picturing very verdant, green children right now - maybe a bit too rainy though.

Most baby names topics on Yahoo Answers don't have to work very hard to reveal the education levels of their posters, but geographical name topics? Geographical name topics just GIVE IT AWAY. Nowhere is ignorance of geography more evident than in geographical name suggestions on Yahoo Answers. Cases in point:

I like it. For boy's I like London for girl's Chelsea (it's the city where I live), Dakota, Carolina and Georgia. Also Kenya, Nairobi (my niece's name) and Zaire (cities from Africa) are cute girl's names

Zaire - ("in case you didn't know, it's a city from Africa").

I think its a great idea, if I have a daughter I would love to call her Swansea, cos she would be my little Swan floating on a calm sea

Clearly, an individual who has never been to Swansea.

My little sister's name is Chynna. I think naming a baby after anything is okay as long as it's something that is close to you.

Because China is really close to you. I can clearly tell that you come from somewhere like Korea or Mongolia - those are close to China. Come to think of it, I don't think anyone is close to "Chynna," seeing as it doesn't exist.

The best responses on these topics, however, are the laundry-list suggestions. It's like people pull out Maxim's "100 HOTTEST CLUBBING CITIES" list and just go for it.

Ooh! Those are such beautiful, unique, spicy names! (Spicy?)
for girls:
California (Cali for short maybe)
(no name more feminine than Chicago)
(oh, what, Tina for short?)
Angelos (Angie for short)
(I think this is why God invented the name Angela)
Brooklyn (Brook)
(a female Indiana would never be teased about a certain Hollywood archaeologist. Never)
Quebec (Becca) (oh no - no, you just didn't)
Lynn (Lynn is definitely a "spicy" name)

Boy's names:
(Tacky for short??)
Rome or Roman (Either/or. I'm pretty sure Roman is a city name, right?)
Japan (JAPAN?)
(good to know that Quebec is a unisex name)
(another real "spicy" name)

Other "city-name" questions on Yahoo solicited even better lists.

How about
for a boy

Cork - for a boy. It would be ridiculous to use Cork on a girl, but for a boy - now we're talking. Kiev's pretty great, too. Especially if you had chicken cravings during your pregnancy.

One of my favorites was posted as an answer to "City Girl Names" under the title "All (pretty) real names that are US cities". Check out how pretty these names are. Keep in mind, these are all suggestions for a girl.

Ava, Beckley, Brenham, Camden, Carlyle, Cheyenne, Clovis, Dexter, Enid, Florence, Geneva, Heppner, Holland, Hoxie , Idabelle, Keene, Killeen, Marion, Moline, Monroe, Muncie, Odessa, Olean, Olympia, Ramona, Redding, Roswell, Sidney, Valentine, Winnfield

Oh good. So we've got Ava, Olympia, Ramona... and an odd collection of what reads like the ladies' canasta committee and towns that contain contenders for America's Largest Ball o' String. Plus Roswell. Roswell is a pretty name for a girl if ever I heard one. Unless you count Dexter or Clovis. Thanks, Yahoo Answers!

I think one poster summed up my feelings on place names best.

I mean, Slash from Guns N Roses has a son called London!! he was concieved there. Good job it wasnt a airplane toilet!!!