Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just... no.

A quick note just to introduce Amalgam Justice and Monoxide Devan.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

M&Ms - or, why the whole world is called Maddie

I've previously expressed my distaste for the current popularity of K- names, but I think it's only fair to warn you that I'm rather wary of M- names as well. Don't get me wrong, I love the occasional Miriam or Mireille, or even a Madeleine, provided it's a Madeleine and not a Madalynn. No, my dislike of many M- names today sprouts from the nauseating preponderance of a certain nickname. Observe:

I was never crazy about the name Madison, until I saw it spelled this way in a story written by my friend Kim. I think it looks better with two 'd's. Plus, I love the nickname Maddie.

I know Maddisyn if becoming quite a popular name and thats not usually my style but I Just love this. The best part is that you could call her Maddi for short.

Madeleine - because it's classic and beautiful. The nn Maddie is cute as well.

I am sensing a trend.

Madeline - Great alternative to Madison if you love the nickname Madi!
Madelyn Jo - Nickname: Maddie, that's My sister's name, and it's not as common as Madison.
Madelyn Jayne: This is my absolute favorite name. I love the nick name Maddie.
Madigan - I used to quite like Madison, but when I saw this I just thought how much prettier, more unusual and less masculine it was. Plus I still get to keep my favourite nickname, Maddie!
Madilee - I think this is a wonderful feminine alternative to Madison, I think it's so cute and the same nick-names For Madison would work for this as well, Maddi Maddie, Maddy.
Madison - I really like this name because as trendy as it is, it's so cute sounding and addictive! And also, Maddie is a great nickname.
Madison - Okay, so it's popular..but when we had our Maddy 6 years ago it wasn't. We named her Madison because our son, who was two at the time asked to name her "Medicine", so it has special meaning! That aside, I loved the old fashioned named "Maddy" (Maddie, Mattie) and wanted to put it with a newer name
Madison - My daugher, and she is exactly like the name, pure goodness, sunshine, my polyanna. goes by maddy
Madison - I've loved this name since "Splash" with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah. Plus, it gives the nickname Maddie (or Maddy), which I think is adorable
Madison - I picture an adorable little thing I could call Maddie. Small in stature with a big personality. The way my daughter would surely be.
Madison - This is a very strong and independent sounding name. I also love "Maddie" for short.
Madison Kate - it's just pretty. Can call her Maddie.
Madisyn Faith - I like the nickname Madi for a girl.

Pundits talk about how divided our nation is. Tosh, I say. We can clearly all agree on two things: Maddie should be the name of any girl under 5, and God Bless America.

Fortunately, not all Madison stories turn into blather about what a sweet nickname Maddie is:

Madison Blee
O.K. Blee is supposed to be Lee but thats what was put on her baby shower cake by mistake. I thought it was kinda cute.

I'd take Blee over Maddie any day. WAIT just kidding. What I meant to say is, I'd definitely name my child after a typo in frosting. Cute!

I've never met a child with my favorite name for a girl: Madrigal, a gentle, lilting name, a kind of song popular in the medieval and Renaissance periods. My boyfriend and I are planning our family, and we have decided on "Madrigal Joyeux Rose" for a daughter.

This sounds like a violation of our previously-established "SCA members should not drink while naming" law. Though there is a distinct lack of the word "Wine" in this name. Perhaps Madrigal-Mead Joyeux-Noel Rose?

(May-gin) Magen is cool because it's different and it's my name!

Magen is also cool because it's the German word for "stomach." Cool!

MahKahylah Annaliese Elizabeth
MahKahylah Annaliese is one of my favorite names for a girl because not only is it different, it was a name I used for a story I wrote and i got an A+ on.

I assume you got an A+ because you're one of the few posters who has employed decent punctuation and capitalization. Though it's also possible you go to a Waldorf school.

my favourite composer, and a fantastic girls name.

A fantastic girls' name, especially when you consider the homophonic "mauler" and "maul her."


This is an instance where I am glad the "and sometimes Y" rule has not come into effect.

i love that name for a girl.....i had a boy and named him Mason...but now i wish i would of waited on the name,because now i'm due to have a little girl in july....I think its a great name for a girl!

And a house! En francais!!

I like the name Maitlyn Analie. Maitlyn is just Caitlyn with an M, but it's different and cute. Analie is just a different spelling from Anna and Lee, both family names put together.

Sorry, but all I get out of this name is "mating anally." (I can't imagine what writing that out will do to my Google hits.)

this name im submitting is awesome cus its my name....Majik (M-a-g-i-c) i have hippy parents. i also have 2 brothers whose names are Teeki and Jessen and a sister named Keffin. theres some unusual names for your site.

I can't decide if Magic or Tiki has it worse. Wait, no, it's definitely the girl named Kevin.

this name is adorable in that it is quite unisex and is fun to say because it bounces out of your mouth

That doesn't sound adorable, that actually sounds terrifying.

Makayla Makenzie
this is my daughters name and you might be thinking too many M's but her last name is McCutcheon! and we call her KZ (she spells it Kayzie)for short.

You're right, I was thinking "too many Ms" at first, but now I am definitely thinking "forced sterilization."

it is just a beautiful name for a girl.

Rub your eyes and look again: we have just witnessed the crossing of McKenna and Edna. I can't wait for Makbertha and Makthelma.

(Ma Kennedy) I have never heard anyone else with this name. It is a very beautiful and unusual.

I've heard of Ma Kennedy before, though she also went by Rose Fitzgerald, to be fair.

Makenzie Chablis:
...(sounds rich like a movie star!)

Or maybe just a rich porn star. They're kind of like movie stars.

it is an asian names of my best friend..very exotic

There are no words.

I like Malibu, b/c I am a very beach oriented person, and the name Malibu just screams "I'm like a warm day at the beach!"

Or screams, "I'm named after a cheap liquor!"

It is the name of a musical instrument, but it is also a bright name that rolls off of your tongue.

Actually, I think this is a name that will cut off your tongue - you might be thinking of a mandolin?

(mar-sel) a place in france that sounds very nice.

So close. SO CLOSE.

When I was a junior in high school, there was a girl in my dance class named Margery who was so incredibly beautiful and smart, and she stood out so much from that class of blond cheerleaders. She dyed her hair dark red and her lower lip was peirced in the middle. She had this incredibly soft voice and she was a beautiful dancer. I admired her so much I almost had a crush on her, and I had never questioned my sexuality before! Anyways, the name Margery means perfect femininity to me. (Also my grandmother was named Marge; she died before I was born, but I feel sort of attached to the name.)

"Mommy, how did you choose my name?" "Well, little Margery, it all goes back to my first lesbian experience..."

got this off the movies north and south and thron birds.. lol... thought it was beautiful

LOL I have no idea what you just said. Lol!

This is my grandmother's maiden name. I think it has a soft feminine sound to it.

I am sure John Madden would agree. Or perhaps this comment would madden him?

Unfortunatley was a guest on Ricky Lake, but I like the way it flows.

Unfortunately, it also means "little dog." That flows, don't you think?

not many names have an "ie" in them and i have a gorgeous little friend called madelaine.

It's true, not many names have an 'ie' in them. Not even Madeleine does. But you know what does? Maddie.