Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bad, Worse, or THE Worst?

Ever need a second opinion on some of your name combinations, but Yahoo Answers aren't cutting it for you anymore? Fear not - online baby name polls are make it easier than ever to collect the uninformed opinions of your peers!

don’t want a name that is overly common! but need something cute and unique
1. Lilybeth Michelle
2. Lacilyn Michelle
3. Emberly Michelle

I'm disappointed that Sugarrose Michelle and Ponyprincess Michelle did not make this list. I am similarly disappointed that I'm going to have to vote for "Emberly."

which do you like for our daughter?
1. Mylie Annabeth
2. Sucily Louane
3. Brynna McKenna

One commenter proffered, "I love Mylie. Unique and very pretty! I have never heard it before." Thank you, person who has been living under a rock for the past ten years, or ever since Billy Ray Cyrus had his kid.

loooking for a J R boy name.
1. Jackson (jack) Rory
2. Jacolby Rock
3. Jacobi Royce

Jacolby Rock would be the clear winner here, if the parents happened to be a wheel of cheese and a piece of granite.

Which one for a little girl...
1. Macie
2. Zaidee
3. Macyn

I decided that voting on this one would have been a cyn.

which spelling of (zan-dree) looks the best?
1. Zandrie Elyse
2. Zandree Elyse
3. Zandriegh Elyse

I don't know, but I wish there were a "4. Elise" option.

which one for a girl?
1. kensington alexis
2. mackenzie alexis
3. Elizabeth

I voted for Elizabeth. Another commenter felt differently, saying, "kensingto is way to long a name fora child to have to learn to spell n write..plus it sounds like a kennedy compound.i love alexiis." I could not have said it better myself.

What do you think?
1. Keshley Avalon
2. Ohara Blythe
3. Tenley Cyan

You really want us to vote between an Arthurian themepark, an Irish boxer, and a Sherwin-Williams paint color?

Which do you prefer?
1. Babylon Rose
2. Amber Rose

Most voted for 2, though some Mesopotamian revivalists probably approve of 1.

I REALLY like the name Raegan for a girl. It is VERY important to me that the middle name has Leigh in it somehow. Which sounds best??
1. Raegan Molleigh
2. Raegan Presleigh
3. Raegan Baileigh

Is this Reagan? Or, like... Ray Gun? If the latter, definitely Presleigh. A girlified Elvis would surely have approved of this powerful alien technology. In your weird alternate universe where "Raegan" is a good idea.

Hi, I made a poll last night about the name Daelyn. Thank you for your comments. I’m glad I realized now that it is too masculine. Anyways, I’m having a little girl, and I still need a creative "D" name. PLEASE help me by commenting on each. Dylana is pronounced DAH-LAW-NAH (kind of like Alana). Thank you so much!!
1. Dylana
2. Daytona
3. Darby

I like how Daytona, of NASCAR fame, is somehow more feminine than Daelyn. Maybe when she says "feminine," she actually means "sickening."

Which first name do you like best? Cambria is pronounced with a long "a," NOT like in Cameron. Also, I want to use Rose as a middle name (I think it is so beautiful), but is it too common at this point? Thank you!
1. Afton Rose
2. Brynlee Rose
3. Cambria Rose

Couldn't bring myself to vote on this one, but someone else did comment: "I like Cambria the best. Cameo is another alternative .... it’s an old Italian girls name." Yeah, that's right - I hear Cameo is Italian for "Don't ascribe this crap to us, you brutta stupida."

My husband wants to name our boy Faxon; I'm on the fence - easy to spell; pronounce and goes well with our last name (my criteria), but I'm still unsure. What do you think of the name Faxon?
1. great name
2. pretty good
3. maybe
4. don't like it much
5. definitely not

I think option 6 should have been "hate it, but I'm one of those new Xerox all-in-one scanners that's making fax machines obsolete."

I like these , my concern is how will they age? the combined meanings of each name set are as follows I name more by meaning then sound, you can mix Azriel Bennett Meaning: Little blessed one,An angel of the Lord Jobe Carsten Meaning: Persecuted follower of Christ Flynn Malik Meaning: The red-haired king. Eloisa Genevieve Meaning: Famous warrior,’A woman of the people’. Anastasia Marie Meaning:She who will rise again Bitter. Azubah Flynn -Meaning:Forsaken Child of the red-haired man. MY OTHER TWO CHILDREN ARE NINA MALLORY 7, UNLUCKY GIRL, AND ZION JUDE 4 SING GOOD PRAISE

I had to go for Anastasia Marie on this one. I mean, who wouldn't want to rise again bitter? Though being a persecuted follower of Christ is sure appealing with Job(e) Carsten. And Azubah Flynn's carrot-top baby-daddy has apparently gone missing, which is something I'm sure you'd always want to remind her of. So many good choices with this one. One thing is for sure, though - ALL of these kids' names probably translate to "unlucky girl or boy," if you catch my drift.

I work with kids, so i would like to us a unique name that i don't hear everyday.

Saibryn Embry
(can't decide if Saibryn is a sort of weapon or a sort of dishsoap...)
Boston Ellisyn
Phoenix Sahara
(did you know that Arizona is actually located in the Sahara? True fact. Hope The Ironic Geography Joke Police come after me for this one.)
Kaclyn Embry (Cacklin'?)
Scarlett (Put out of her misery by escaping with only a first name.)
Declan James
Grayden James
Bridger Michael
Easton Andrew
Brezlin James

I wonder if you can vote on something other than the names? Can I just vote that you have a boy? Your options there are much better.

This name just popped in my head at work and was wondering what other people thought? How does this name sound?
1. Jazzenae
2. Jazenae

This name doesn't sound like Jazzenae or Jazenae. This name sounds like poop.

I am not pregnant yet. I have a daughter named Talya and if we have a son next - it will be Koen. I already find me debating on names if we have a second son. His middle name would probably be Charles after my dad. Which do you like best? or suggest other short, unique names to me...
1. Maxwell
2. Maxson
3. Kylan
4. Kason
5. Jaron
6. Ethaniel
7. Kedric
8. Trevon
9. Ashton
10. Damien

It's going okay until you hit Ethaniel. ETHANIEL? Then Kedric. You don't even have the heart to finish the list and find the decent "Damien" at the end. Kedric? I've lost my will to live.

Riese or Skiler
i like both names and can't decide on one name. i think his middle name will be Robert after my grandfater but if anyone think's of better let me know. i am giving the baby Daniel's last name and thats Coleman. let me know what to do.......

1. Riese
(Rhys, I'm guessing?)
2. Skiler
(a skier who is also a killer?? oh, no, wait, it's Skyler.)
3. Aiden
4. Hunter
5. Kalib
(Caleb, one can only assume).

Fortunately, if you rule out all the names that are either unrecognizable or related to killing, you're left with just one choice - easy voting!

I leave you with this sweet conclusion that needs no commentary:

Praline Cecelia?
I love the name Praline I am just not sure it sounds good with Cecilia. I need some opionions on whether it sounds good or some other first names that would go good with Cecilia. We also have 2 boys Kiefer and Ezwrin so we need another unique name.

Okay, I lied. Maybe it needs just a small comment.