Friday, January 04, 2008

The Ms, P.M.

Post-Maddie, that is. I didn't think I'd even be able to look at another M name after that episode. But something just drew me back... it's like a mania... or maybe just a...

(pronounced man-eye-ah) a manaia is a traditional carving of a guardian angel, which usually has a birds head on a fishes body. they sit on your shoulder, and peck you if you do something wrong.

Amazing that you didn't feel that bird pecking as you submitted this name.

Markayla Lakembria
(mar-KAY-la la-KEM-bree-ah) is my favorite baby name. I plan to name my daughter this. Markayla is rooted from her father's name Marquis and Lakembria is actually the name of one of my favorite cousins. It's an unusual and beautiful name and I decided to pass it on.

Too bad you didn't decide to pass on it rather than pass it on.

means someone who is very skilled at something, but I like it as a name.

Something tells me that, if you like Maven as a name, you are probably not a maven.

my grandmother's name is Mavy (rhymes with gravey! he-he).� And her father fought in WWI and was in France and met a young girl named Mavy while my great grandmother was pregnant with her,� and well I'm sure you can figure out the rest!

... he ran off with Mavy and left your great grandmother all alone? Don't just leave us hanging there, Granddaughter Gravy!

it's an old name I think either of arabic, german, or gaelic decent.

This etymological observation is corroborated by the old Gaelic ballad, "Materia Girl."

After Queen Matilda, who attempted to claim the English throne in 1141. It still works as a name after 900 years.

Matilda: it still works. Nothing to get excited over, but eh, it works.

(Mah Tray Sah) I like this name because it is so unusual and still quite feminine. It can be shortened to Matty for wee ones who can't spell, and I also think it would stand the test of time. I also like that you can be sure that there won't be any other Matraca's in her class!

God willing. Please notice the reappearance of Maddie in this comment, cleverly disguised with Ts.

you can call her "Mattie" for short

I bet you can.

I plan to name my daughter (if I have one) Maya Atzlan. I chose Maya because I am deeply interested in Mayan culture and it is not only beautiful but it pays homage to an a personal interest of mine. The middle name, Atzlan (pronounced oughts-lawn), is actually a name that my husband is hell bent on. While we are not sure of the meaning, since we can't find this name anywhere, we do know that it is of Indian (as in Mexican Indian) descent.

Aztlán was the mythical ancestral home of the Aztecs. Maya Aztec is a great name for your daughter. Especially if your last name happens to be Inca.

McKenzie Dycanne
I think the name Kenzie is a great name, but if my daughter didn't like it I wanted her to have a choice, so with McKenzie she does. Now Dycanne is a very unique name. It's pronounced Dick-cane. My grandparents had three boys. If they were ever to have a girl they were going to name it Dycanne. They made this name up by putting my grandpa's name Dick with my grandma's middle name, Anne. They got Dycanne.

Wait, wait, wait. Sorry. Hang on a minute. DICK CANE? After three boys, they were going to name a girl DICK CANE?

Dick-cane makes McKenzie look like a sane choice.

This one brings to mind fresh green grass and wild flowers. And no weird nicknames come to mind.

That's true - why would you burden a kid with a weird nickname when she's already got such a weird name?

Is definaltley my favourite name. Its unusual and creative. If i had a daughter called melody shed be forced into playing as many musical instruments as possible.

Let's hope you have a daughter named Spellcheck instead.

I had a dream in the tenth grade that someone said this name to me. I have never been able to find it anywhere else and do not know what, if anything, it means. But here it is.

I think it means "no tacos the night before the SATs."

Mercury Sappho
i saw Mercury in the boys names and thought it would be much better on a girl. the middle name is from the Greek poet that lived on Lesbos and that reflects my sexual orientation!

Because no kid would ever be mortified to find that they'd been named in accordance with their mom's sexual orientation.

Strange and unusually kinky

You and Mercury's mom should hang out. No wait, maybe not...

(mic - ken- dree- anna) I haven't found a meaning but based on her personality I would say strong and spirited.

That's funny - I would say it's Greek for "matricide-in-training."

This names is sooo beautiful and unique and has MANY meanings. Latin: Seafoam Greek: Seastar Hebrew: the Perfect One. Spanish: Sea Angel or Mermaid. Now how can you not LOVE this name?!? It says, "pretty,talented,strong and bold." all at once. I actually hate to put this up here because I want it to stay unique and unused.

She's right - I have never met another Marissa. Ever! Not like it was in the top 100 in the US for the entire 1990s. Hope it stays unused!

(Mar-lay) Many people say it sounds like a French wine!

Only if you've had a little too much French wine.