Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heil-py Update?

Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell have apparently been taken into protective custody. Best part of this news story is AGAIN the comments, where a wild debate about free speech is raging. Many people seem to believe that the children were removed from their parents because of their names. Now, the state doesn't have the right to remove children because of their names. Buuuuuut, I'm willing to bet that if you're naming your kids Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation, the state might have their eye on you for other reasons. Just a guess.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

M is for Male - and for Mayday

I like this name because it means so many different things, from a destructive weapon to a cooking spice! It's short, easy to spell, and different without being wacky.

Because it's definitely not wacky to be named after a destructive weapon and a cooking spice.

Name of the Egyptian child-villain from the Japanese anime show 'Yu-gi-oh!' Nice alternative to Mark.

Any name of an Egyptian child-villain is a nice alternative to the day-to-day.

Marley Grayson
just luv these names cos they are very different and posses an ambigendrous quality 2 it. the 1st name also honours the reggae king, Bob Marley! a child with this name wouldn't b scared of anything !

Wouldn't b scared of anything, except maybe of being ambigendrous, which sounds difficult at the very least.

Roman- "Dangerous"

I can't find a lot of evidence for this, but I remain pretty skeptical that "marsala" was the Roman term for "dangerous." Does anyone else get the feeling this guy was thinking of Messala? Now that was a dangerous Roman.

I like it because it is my sons name, and I have never met anyone else with it. It is very unique and also very masculine. Some may say it is a cowboy name, but the preacher said it means child of the meaning is special too. It also means indpendent which I beleive is a good trait as well.

Maverick: independent cowboy of God; hangs out with Goose a lot.

I absolutely loooooove the name Max but it sounded somewhat unfinished alone so I made the name Maxon, but Maxton works well too.

Maxon! Maxoff! Breathe in through nose, out the mouth!

Merrix or Merricks
I made this one up before having my third child. I couldn't sell it to the relatives, so as far as I know, it remains an original, unused name. It sounds like an operating system to me!

Great! Maybe you could sell it to Microsoft instead of the relatives! Or sell it on eBay! Original unused condition!

(Michael) - A very common name for a boy with a very unique spelling for that mom who hates common names but just cant give up on michael for some reason or another

Sorry to say, but it looks like you just gave up on Michael. Or... My-ah-kyehl.

for a boy, he is one of my friends and i thought his name was pretty cool, as i have not heard his name before, he is Siberian/ Yugoslavian.

Serbian, Siberian. They're all the same. It probably snows there. Or something. Anyway, his name was pretty cool.

Another made up name (MEER-ahj...the last syllable rhymes with the last syllable of 'garage')

So... "Mirage." You made up another spelling for "Mirage." That... rhymes with "garage." Well. This one sounds like a winner to me.

It's the name of the first guy I felt in love with. He's a very unique guy and there aren't many men around the world with the same name. In fact, I wanted to know what it means... Anyway, it's a favorite for the simple reason that I will never forget this name, I will never forget what this tall guy with a strange name made me feel. Let me tell you the real definition of Mitermayer: a man who makes others feel various sensations in a short period of time, from huge anger to deep love.

This is indeed an unusual name. So unusual, in fact, that I bet if Mitermayer ever googles himself... he'll end up here. Welcome, Mitermayer! Hope you like the blog! Sorry this relationship didn't work out, but really, it's probably for the best. She's writing about you all over baby name sites on the internet - don't you think that's a bit creepy? It's probably good you let go when you did.

from another favorite book, sounds very clever.

... unless you know some German.

Ok I probably wouldn't give this name to a human but I think it would make a great pet name not to mention a fantasy character in a novel. I heard it used originally for a vampire but I think it goes better with a dragon.

On the contrary. I think Modoc Mitermayer has a great ring to it...

My male dog's name is MORGAN RHYS LLEWELLYN, which is Welsh for "lion-like."

Oh yeah? Well, MY male dog's name is CADFRAWD ARTHFAEL CYNDDYLAN FFLAMDDWYN MYNYDDOG, which is Welsh for "What the eff, why do I have so many names? I'm a freaking dog!"

Morrgann Braiden (MORR-Gann / BRAY-din)
Morgan is a very popular girls name, however, i have always liked it as a boys name. Sounds very brave to me. Braiden is another name I have always found unique and very masueline.

I agree. Just plain "Morgan" is too femueine these days. Morrgann is way more masueline. You can practically HEAR the pirate in Morrgann. Morrrrrrrgann. I put some hair on my chest just saying it.

It's just one of those names that's fun to say and will fit on basically any type of man: alcoholic, saint, young, old, mysterious, open...

Yes, the first association I want with my little baby's name is "alcoholic." You can never be too prepared for the future!