Friday, June 11, 2010

Inusual, Unique, and Unisex

What would be a perfect name for my sisters new born, she is looking for a inusual, unique, and unisex name?

essex So romantic. So melodic. Oh, to be named after the exotic realm of Essex.

Jansen or Janson, Greysen or Greyson, Brysen or Bryson Maiden or Maidon, doesn't matter, all unisex

Joseph I'd definitely want to take Joseph Marie to prom
Adrianna Please welcome your all-star high school quarterback, Adrianna Butch Jones!!
Rhelei (pronounced riley and is unisex) is unisex, but isn't pronounceable
Lorelei (pronounced laura-lie)
Destiny what, no Dustiny?
Rose I'd like you to meet my son: Rose. He goes by "Jim."
Cadei (pronounced Katie) I'm sorry my son Cadei couldn't be here, he's busy hanging himself.
Stephen (pronounced stefan) I believe the name you're looking for is... Stefan.
Dakoda Sorry, Sioux people.
Lakoda Oh man, extra-sorry, Sioux people.

Shayne (girl spelling) Shane(boy) girl spellings: just add a Y!

Alexander is actually a unisex name. NO.

Here are some unique girl names.
Myla (557 were born last year)
Nyla (797 were born last year)
Neveah (6,020 were born last year)
Novalee "unique" for a reason
Americus unique if you think taking a unique name from a major motion picture is unique
America (539 born last year)
Sailor ( I would spell it Say-Lor because it would be like Taylor) I would spell it HOOK-ER because it would be like "Hey Sailor."
McCall nothing says feminine like "named after a sewing pattern company"
Bentin only if your last name is Half.
Harper (1,885 born last year)
Payton (3,623 born last year)
Gemma (531 born last year)
Esmee (You could say it like it sounds Ess-mee or you could say it Ess-May) You could also say it like Kick-mee or you could say it Woe-iss-mee
Evangeline EVANGELINE how did you get onto this list? are you hurt? trapped? do you need help??

NOW boys!
Samson (236 born last year)
Sabriel omg, i LOVE garth nix!! i want a boy named sabriel and a girl named renesmee because i am like totally into the undead!
Xiaver Five bucks she pronounces this like Xavier
Bansi Is this supposed to be like Banzai? Or, like... Bonsai?
Ballin BALLIN. Yes, lady, please. Name your son Ballin. I beg you. That would be highly inusual.
Bailey OK, I have to agree with you on this one. Bailey is unusual on a boy. 215 boys last year, 3,614 girls last year. Sounds like a recipe for success to me.
Parley As in, yarrrrr cap'n, I be seekin' parley? Or do you think that she meant Parsley, and copied these two from her grocery list?
Paisley This kid would never get his ass kicked. Ever.
Jackopa Short for, uh, Jackalope.
Nathan (11,990 born last year)
Tamerson In case you're worried about having a Wilderson.
Tanner (2,427 born last year)
Tucker (1,595 born last year)
Edmund damn, did you know Edmund is actually not on the top 1000 in the US right now? OK, uniquenamer101, I salute you on this one
Elijah (a mere 12,652 born last year)
Oliver (4,233 born last year - did anyone else notice how the unusual boys' list went from "unpopular for a very good reason" to "wildly popular?" and did anyone else notice how this poster didn't even try for unisex? or... did she?)
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with literacy and justice for all

Poster 1: My nephew wants us to name the baby Liberty if it is a girl. I actually kinda like it! But I do not think it goes with Isabelle super well, like Justice or something free-spirited, lol. I still like other names better, but it is fun to play around with ideas. What are your thoughts in Liberty?

Poster 2: What about soem tradional name as a 1st and that as a middle. Since Belles is tradional or to me it is id think something along the same lines would be fitting.

Poster 1: like Liberty more and mroe each day, though I still like some of my traditional A names I posted about before that go wellw ith Belle.